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Split Analysis

Billygoat Run: 27th Annual


median leg score: 84.5
calculated time lost: 10:30 (+7.5%)

splitcumulative total
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1. 1020m 7:27 7 +32 8% 94.1 7:18   1020m 7:27 7 +32 8% 7:18 Ah, the billygoat. My goals this year, finish, don't get cramps. Everything else was a wait and see. Started off following the crowd. Initial trail was rocky so I just followed and didn't even try to look at map. At some point we hit the power line, then hit it again, then hit the junction? Huh, I still don't know how we did that. From the junction I took the high route down the spur. Gregory Balter in Front of me so I was comfortable. Nice being able to look to the left and see all the people approaching from different directions. Punched near the front of the pack which is where you want to be early. Only had to wait about 3
2. 918m 7:26 6 +14 3% 97.0 8:05   1938m 14:53 8 +39 5% 7:40 I decided the best way was to go to the left of the pond. Unfortunately, the pack I was with went right so I did also. Followed low along the lake in Gregory Balters Foot steps. No problem finding control although we did get stuck in some greener areas. Still up towards the front.
3. 471m 4:41 5 +35 14% 92.6 9:56   2409m 19:34 8 +2:23 14% 8:07 Followed the group to three. More or less straight. Saw Peter Gargarin approaching three. He had already skipped #2. The best skips were earlier in the race but I didn't want to skip early. I decided to let whoever was leading my back decide when to skip.
4. 437m 5:21 4 +1:11 28% 88.2 12:14   2846m 24:55 8 +2:25 11% 8:45 Up reentrant to Four. Still with Peter, Gregory, Boris....
5. 579m 7:22 6 +34 8% 94.2 12:43   3425m 32:17 2 +40 2% 9:25 What a mess. Over to trail. Peter climbed the trail I decided to go straight. people all over. As approached the control could see the open w/scattered trees. It took me awhile to find in on the map as it was printed so light. Right to the control.
6. 369m 2:27 2 +12 9% 98.9 6:38   3794m 34:44 6 +50 2% 9:09 Contoured over to trail. Bounced off the trail bend and down the reentrant. Several people in front of me stopped and punched the control. I get to the control and Nadim Ahmed go blazing past without punching. I punched, let him get partway down the hill then told him to come punch. He would have run right by it. He owes me.
7. 1758m 16:34 4 +58 6% 95.6 9:25   5552m 51:18 5 +1:04 2% 9:14 Started off running with Wyatt. Down reentrant heading rightish to avoide the green. Got on trail, cut to smaller trail. I missed the trail junction leading to the small pond but everybody else was cutting over to the pond so I did also. At this point things get hazy. I was following Randy Hall and Dan Shaublin. They were leading us to far right. I knew we were to far right but I hadn't been paying attention to no where we were. I had no recourse but to keep following and they were running away from me. I just kept going catching glimpses of them. Finally hit the stone wall north east of the control and used that to attack the control. Randy long gone by now. Dan still in area but was gone by the time I got to the control.
8. 627m 10:40 19 +4:25 71% 59.0 3:13 17:00   6179m 1:01:58 6 +5:22 9% 10:01 All by myself. I headed straight but vegetation kept forcing my right. I hit the stone wall west of the control but wasn't sure which wall I was at. I headed east without confidence. Figured I had gone far enough so started heading back the way I came. Joe Bruaghtinham and Boris come up toward me. I hear Boris as Joe if he had found #8 yet. Joe says he hasnt' but sounds like he may be faking that he already has. I start to head the way they came but then go on farther. I was just short of the control the first time. Joe and Boris were to high and get to the control just ahead of me. Peter has caught back up also. Dan S appears again.
9. 729m 9:02 7 +1:51 26% 85.1 12:23   6908m 1:11:00 6 +6:36 10% 10:16 I haven't a clue. Started straight, following Dan and Peter. Crossed a whole bunch of trails, ran on some of them. Relocated once we got close that Peter slowed down and had to start looking at the map. Still don't know how we got there. Peter looking like he was unsure or trying to fake Dan and I out.
10. 529m 9:36 16 +4:08 76% 59.3 2:51 18:08   7437m 1:20:36 7 +9:17 13% 10:50 Decided to take charge and orienteer. This was a gimme control. Ran down reentrant, crossed the trail, over to reentrant and ran up reentrant with an unmapped trail. Peter was way off to the left (bye bye Peter). As I was running up the trail, Steve Gregg was running down. He admitted to being lost. I knew where I was and said lets go. I ran up the reentrant, over to the hill/spur and voila, no control. Uh Oh. I wander a bit with Steve looking more and more worried. Finally see a hunter stand on the map which I had seen earlier but ignored as they usually aren't mapped. I point out to Steve and the other guy where we are. We are 200 meters off. Go straight to the control without problems this time. Still don't know how ended up so far north. Suspect the reentrants around nine may be off some. As approach 10 see Eddie go racing off.
11. 591m 6:39 5 +39 11% 91.4 11:15   8028m 1:27:15 6 +9:51 13% 10:52 Let eddie lead me off until he get to far ahead. Everyone else nearby heading off to the right. I cut up the final reentrant and see eddie Punching.
12. 812m 11:33 9 +2:30 28% 80.9 14:13   8840m 1:38:48 6 +11:55 14% 11:10 Go racing up trying to follow edie. Cut over to small trail. Follow small trail up to a ?? POND??? There isn't a pond on the map. I am standing there looking confused when everyone else comes up behind me. They all go heading off in different direction. I know I will regret it but follow them. They turn out to be correct. The pond was a marsh under the control number on the map that I didn't see. On the way to 12 Dave Onkst is in group that caught me and asks if I am going to 12. Yes I reply. He asks if I punched 11. Yes I reply, it was way back there. Dave asks someone else who says the same thing. Dave then heads back to 11 never to be seen again.
13. 296m 2:44 3 +15 10% 94.5 9:14   9136m 1:41:32 7 +16:25 19% 11:06 On the way into the food area, eddie is leaving. Peter is with me still/again (or maybe I am with him still/again)>
14. 150m 2:12 8 +59 81% 65.9 29 14:40   9286m 1:43:44 5 +12:13 13% 11:10 I was mixed up and started heading from 13 back to 12. Fortunately Peter was infront of me and it turned out to be a good route choice.
15. 1240m 12:29 5 +53 8% 94.3 10:04   10526m 1:56:13 4 +12:48 12% 11:02 I am getting tired. I was going to head over the hill but quickly see the error of my way when Peter and Dan start to take the trail around. Cut around the hill. Peter is heading to far left but what do I care, I am just following along happy as can be. Peter stops and looks confused. Oh great, now I have to orienteer again. We didn't have a very good route but do get to the control.
16. 554m 6:26 4 +1:27 29% 82.1 11:36   11080m 2:02:39 8 +17:08 16% 11:04 Too much uphill. Just follow behind Peter who is slowly pulling away. I am tired. Really really tired.
17. 481m ? -- -- -- 0.0 -- --   11561m ? -- -- -- --
18. 323m 9:24 -- -- -- 0.0 -- --   11884m 2:12:03 -- +17:39 15% 11:06 I had decided to skip 17 to avoid the climb and avoid getting cramps. Decide to jog . Problem is I can't orienteer. I counted spurs/reentrants, bounced off the trail and ended up where there wasn't a control. I wandered around a bit and figured I was in the knoll area 1 spur short. Ran to the control and never crosses a trail although there was supposedly a trail on the map. I get to 18 at the same time as the guy who left 16 with me. I lost ground during my skip. Probably would have lost more if I haven't skipped. Nadim passed me at the control. See Nadim run away much faster than my plodding.
19. 521m 5:19 7 +58 22% 84.5 10:12   12405m 2:17:22 8 +19:33 17% 11:04 I am actually able to still be near Nadim by 19. I am in serious danger of cramping.
20. 422m 7:48 14 +3:07 67% 63.5 1:56 18:29   12827m 2:25:10 7 +22:40 19% 11:19 I have to stop and stretch before the power line. Able to jog across the thorny area. I have serious trouble getting up the hill to the reentrant. Finally make it. Left leg is borderline cramp.
21. 304m 4:15 17 +2:10 104% 50.7 1:42 13:58   13131m 2:29:25 9 +24:50 20% 11:22 Walk to the control. Map is wrong. Boulder is farther from clearing than mapped.
22. 158m 1:20 12 +35 78% 63.8 19 8:26   13289m 2:30:45 13 +35:39 31% 11:20 As I head towards finish, Clint Morse is running towards the last control. I put it into high gear and limp into the finish line.

* red = reported, gray = calculated

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