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Training Log: gregorysorensen

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Mod Bike6 9:51:00 184.59(18.7/h) 297.07(30.2/h) 5360
  Weights2 2:50:00
  Running2 2:02:00 15.68(7.7/h) 25.24(12.4/h)
  Mod Swim2 48:25 1.76(2.2/h) 2.83(3.5/h)
  Total12 15:31:25 202.03 325.14 5360
averages - sleep:7.2 weight:177lbs

Wednesday May 22 #

5 AM

Mod Bike (Mod bike) 1:00:00 [3] 18.36 mi (18.4 mph)
ahr:120 max:147 slept:8.25

Pettit +1
AP 211
NP 227

Legs tired from yesterday workout and left hamstring sore, hoping to have more pop in legs tomorrow

Tuesday May 21 #

4 AM

Mod Bike (Mod bike) 1:30:00 [3] 28.42 mi (18.9 mph)
ahr:133 max:160 slept:6.5

AP 240
NP 281

well this was my first over and under interval training, shows I need a lot of work and need to get stronger in the mind when it gets tough. However I just couldn't generate power on the vo2s, my legs are to tired from running yesterday. I will see if my body can adapt to these workouts and if I struggle again I will have to adjust weights and running so I can get much needed gains from this training.

Monday May 20 #

4 AM

Running (Mod bike) 1:21:30 [3] 10.55 mi (7.8 mph)

Mod run

Legs tired mostly hamstrings
6 AM

Mod Swim (Swim) 25:27 [3] 0.88 mi (2.1 mph)

Mod swim

Sunday May 19 #

6 AM

Weights (Weights ) 1:30:00 [3]

Leg, back and core

Tired legs from yesterday's rides, was losing form , had to back it down and really focus on balance
9 AM

Mod Bike (Mod bike) 1:00:00 [3] 18.09 mi (18.1 mph)
ahr:124 max:133 slept:8.0

AP 216
NP 219

Recovery ride after yesterday, legs needed that shakeout

Saturday May 18 #

6 AM

Mod Bike (mod bike) 2:45:00 [3] 47.77 mi (17.4 mph) +5010ft
ahr:138 max:157 slept:7.75 weight:177lbs

First Ride outside since Jan 30th

Was suppose to be Encanto Park ski lifts and back, but after climbing up the back side of GMR onto Baldy Rd the chain started slipping so I tried to change gears and dropped the chain. Pulled over and tried putting it back on, which was no problem but the crank arms would not turn, oh boy, so I started looking at the derailer and pulleys that I just replaced and the chain was off to the side between the two pulleys, tried getting it back in and it kept popping out. Thankfully after few minutes another rider stopped to help me and had a tool to get the chain back into the pulley teeth, tried to adjust gears and out it came again, so we got it in and I had to keep it in big ring and use only a couple of gears on the way back to car. Wasn't happy, as I was holding 265 avg and almost 284 NP on the way up, was looking for PR's but not today. I will say I can feel a diffence in my training since doing bunch of TR indoors the past 3.5 months. Headed over to LenDogs and Bill (mechanic) said the "cage bar" was bent, boy was it when the bike was in the stand. So he was able to bend it back and make a few ajustments. What caused it I haven't a clue, maybe the bike trainer? Now I need to figure out how my new head unit transfers PM data to Cyclo-Sphere account and Strava.
12 PM

Mod Bike (mod bike) 2:06:00 [3] 42.46 mi (20.2 mph) +350ft
ahr:146 max:156

Wanted to get more saddle time as I had to cut the first ride short going up to Mt Baldy, so after Bill fixed my bike I went home and rode up the SGRT to and held pretty good power up, but on the way home I was tired and didn't have enough calories, so I just eased up a little and got through the wind tunnel all the way home to the beach.

Friday May 17 #

Mod Swim (Swim) 22:58 [3] 0.88 mi (2.3 mph)

Mod swim
1450 yards
4 AM

Weights (Weights ) 1:20:00 [3]

Shoulders, core, arms and chest
5 AM

Running (Mod run) 40:30 [3] 5.13 mi (7.6 mph)

Easy run

Thursday May 16 #

4 AM

Mod Bike (Mod bike) 1:30:00 [3] 29.49 mi (19.7 mph)
ahr:128 max:141 slept:6.75

AP 232
NP 235

Recovery week, rides always feel tough, I think because your riding steady for 90 minutes, where ss and Intervals you get breaks, plus I always feel tired and lazy during recovery time

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