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Training Log: Fanatic

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Hiking4 10:51:30 39.92(16:19) 64.24(10:08) 5645
  Walking7 5:40:15 20.89(16:17) 33.62(10:07) 1240
  Total11 16:31:45 60.81(16:19) 97.86(10:08) 6885

Saturday May 25 #

Hiking 1:50:48 [3] 6.03 mi (18:23 / mi) +905ft 16:05 / mi

Large clockwise loop in Kennedy Park starting at the Arcadian Shop. Trails are just about perfect now--only the smallest of wet, muddy areas to be found.

Modified my normal loop to include one more climb and the addition of about a mile to my normal loop.

Not overly crowded early on a Saturday morning, no bikers seen, but about three couples out walking, one of whom had no clue as to where they were.

Friday May 24 #

Hiking (some running) 3:53:00 [3] 11.25 mi (20:43 / mi) +1675ft 18:09 / mi

Since I had an appointment in Pittsfield, I stayed there and ran from the southern entrance to the Boulders on Route 9. Ran on some really nice trails for a bit until a climb was next. That led to the AT, which I took to the north for and out-and-back of five miles. Once back to the AT parking lot, I continued back to my car along the trails in the Boulders.

It was a great day for moving--cool, moist and no bright sun in my eyes.

Met a number of section hikers, all out to take advantage of the long weekend.

Thursday May 23 #

11 AM

Walking 51:05 [3] 3.05 mi (16:45 / mi) +190ft 15:49 / mi

Out past the black cows and back.

3 PM

Walking 34:20 [3] 2.07 mi (16:35 / mi) +180ft 15:19 / mi

Multiple loops on the condo grounds.

Wednesday May 22 #

Hiking 5:04:19 [3] 12.64 mi (24:05 / mi) +1500ft 21:39 / mi

Back to the top of Reservoir Road to give the Finger Trail another try--no running since I would be going longer and my goal was to stay on the trail the entire way.

This hike was done in a counter-clockwise loop this time, which meant that I should know the trail fairly well for the last 75% of the loop which I had covered on Monday.

This time I brought more food, drank a lot of water just before starting, and I had power pack along to ensure that my phone wouldn't run low.

Still managed to have a least three head-scratching sessions when I thought I was off trail, but all were resolved just by being patient and looking around slowly.

Nonetheless, this is a tough trail, despite the seemingly benign stats. The difficulty arises from a number of factors:

1) It's all trail with lots of roots, rocks, blow-downs to slow you down.
2) It's a bike trail, so they love to go up and down, over every rock face possible, and it has tons of hair-pin turns.
3) It's totally unmarked, but the bikes have made a noticeable track in most places. The problems arise when they don't tear up the ground. :-)
4) It's so twisty that a compass is of little use; even if you know the general direction, the trail meanders so many times, and with swings in every direction, that it's very easy to become confused, especially on a cloudy day.
5) It requires a phone with GPS and a decent map if you hope to stay on track.
6) Water is scarce, there's only one brook that I would drink from, and that after filtering the water; so you need to carry a bit of weight to stay hydrated.

But don't get me wrong--this is a fantastic trail to get away from traffic, loud noises, crowded trails, or trash-lined trails/roads. You get peace and quiet, some beautiful trees, and a chance to be truly alone.

I spent some time clearing the trail when I first started, but it dawned on me that would slow me down too much, so I cut back on that, only taking things off the trails that were easy to remove--mainly by flicking them off with my feet.

Tuesday May 21 #

11 AM

Walking 1:20:47 [3] 5.02 mi (16:06 / mi) +280ft 15:17 / mi

Out past Woods Pond and back.

5 PM

Walking 19:07 [3] 1.04 mi (18:23 / mi) +90ft 16:59 / mi

Walk on the condo grounds.

7 PM

Walking 18:07 [3] 1.1 mi (16:28 / mi) +90ft 15:17 / mi

Another walk on the condo grounds.

Taking it easy today, as I am hoping to do a long trail hike tomorrow.

Monday May 20 #

Hiking (some running) 3:23 [3] 10.0 mi (20 / mi) +1565ft 18 / mi

I hadn't been on the real twisty, hard-to-follow bike trail to the north of Reservoir Road for some time, like perhaps a couple of years. I found a map of the trail on, so I downloaded their app, hoping it might help with navigation.

Well, the app was doing pretty good at showing the tricky turns, but eventually I missed one and then found myself retracing my route--not a good option since I had already done about seven miles. And, my cell battery was dying, so there wasn't much time left. I put the phone on power save and shut the Trailforks app down (although it continued to run in the background) and opened up my compass on the phone and just headed south/southeast since I knew it would intersect the trail close to where I had parked.

On my way out, I met a couple of bikers, whom I had seen where I parked on Reservoir Road. They were out cutting up some of the bigger trees that had fallen across the trail. Chatted with them for a while, then conintued, only to find them back at their cars when I arrived.

So we talked for some time about the trail; in fact the trail that I used to run as an 8-mile loop has now been expanded to 14 miles! Little did I know. LOL

Turns out they do maintenance every Monday, so I offered to do whatever I could, albeit without a mountain bike to get me out there. There's still plenty of small stuff that could be cut back.

The trail even has a name now: The Finger Trail. I was told that they couldn't decide whether the finger was a thumbs-up, a #1 with the index finger, or a f*cking beast with the middle finger. Let's just say I'd vote for the middle finger option. It is listed as a Double Black Diamond, the toughest ranking on Trailforks, so someone might agree with me.

Next time I'll go counter-clockwise so I can learn the newer section better.

Sunday May 19 #

9 AM

Walking (some running) 51:14 [3] 3.52 mi (14:33 / mi) +180ft 13:53 / mi

Out past the black cows and back. Warm and humid.

1 PM

Walking 50:00 [3] 3.07 mi (16:17 / mi) +50ft 16:02 / mi

Walking with Colette on the rail trail in Granby, Connecticut. We did a short out and back before driving to Bradley Airport to drop her off for a trip to Belgium.

Walking 35:35 [3] 2.02 mi (17:37 / mi) +180ft 16:15 / mi

Repeat loops on the condo grounds.

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