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Training Log: roar

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running (off-road)4 3:23:13 21.25(9:34) 34.19(5:57) 330
  O-training (technique)1 1:54:13 10.36(11:02) 16.67(6:51) 1308 /8c100%
  Running (road)2 1:28:23 9.67(9:08) 15.57(5:41) 130
  Cycling2 1:13:09
  Total8 7:58:58 41.27 66.42 5908 /8c100%
  [1-5]8 7:01:37
averages - sleep:8.2 rhr:44 weight:80.8kg

Sunday Jun 25 #

12 PM

O-training (technique) 1:54:13 intensity: (42:03 @1) + (1:03:28 @2) + (7:39 @3) + (1:03 @4) ** 16.67 km (6:51 / km) +130m 6:36 / km
ahr:145 max:168 spiked:8/8c slept:8.0 weight:79.7kg shoes: Inov8 X-Talon 2016

Long training in Nåsten. Felt ok at the start but after the hour it was pretty rough. Got my in house planner to set me a course where I was only allowed to take path route choices (or cut little bits). That worked out pretty well and gave me plenty of planning and router choice selection to be doing. On top of that I had planned a ~25k course on an Estonia map consisting of only long legs which I also planned, with the objective of 2 Estonian legs per 1 real leg. Worked out as quite intensive in terms of map reading which was good. Body suffered near the end. Had one real bad mistake on the 7th when I stopped paying attention and ran around in a circle. I should avoid that in future.

Saturday Jun 24 #

12 PM

Running (road) warm up/down 17:51 intensity: (21 @0) + (12:19 @1) + (2:37 @2) + (2:19 @3) + (15 @4) 2.82 km (6:19 / km) +3m 6:17 / km
ahr:135 max:165 shoes: Asics Hyper Speed 6 2016

Cycled to Rosendals and ran from there. It had been raining pretty heavily while I watch the Lions match and I thought Hågadalen would be muddy. Went to the river as a result. Worked well with the timing where I parked. Felt pretty heavy doing this warm up and some of the more dynamic things I was out of breath after which wasn't the best. Bit humid out.

Running (road) tempo 30:06 intensity: (1 @0) + (33 @1) + (28 @2) + (5:28 @3) + (23:36 @4) 6.55 km (4:36 / km) +27m 4:30 / km
ahr:163 max:168 shoes: Asics Hyper Speed 6 2016

A slow tempo but high effort. From the first 5 minutes I though the pace seemed hard. There was a bit of a headwind which wasn't perfect but it didn't seem huge. Headed south along the river and tried to up the pace after 5. Got somewhere for a while but slowly creeped slower. At the end of 10 it was clear I wasn't going to go much quicker so from then on it was just hang in. The bit across the marsh was not perfect for intervals as it was a 2 plank wide boardwalk, though it was nice. On the way back it still felt like a headwind and the speed just wouldn't happen, even though I tried very hard. Wrecked feeling by the end.

Not really to plan. Was supposed to start at 4:20 and work down to high 3:50s. Not sure what the problem was/is. At least it was a good hard mental effort.

Running (road) warm up/down 22:09 intensity: (29 @0) + (16:43 @1) + (4:50 @2) + (7 @3) 3.26 km (6:48 / km) +78m 6:05 / km
ahr:138 max:155 shoes: Asics Hyper Speed 6 2016

After sitting on a bench for a while (and leaving a bit sweat mark, sorry next person) I got myself to a shuffle and then a jog going back up the hill to my bike. Realised about half way I had forgotten my jacket at the bottom of the hill. Seriously considered just leaving it but went back so ended up having a longer warm down.

Friday Jun 23 #

8 AM

slept:8.0 weight:80.7kg

12 PM

Cycling 42:56 intensity: (32:56 @0) + (10:00 @1)
shoes: Cannondale CAAD8

13.009km 135m
For midsommar, broke out the nice bikes with Gina and cycled to Hammarskog nice and easy in the sun. Forgot my HR but it was mostly pretty relaxed apart from one or two little hills. I missed the turn we were supposed to take so we ended up having to cyclocross a bit at the end but we took in some extra nice sights.
4 PM

Running (off-road) 48:15 [2] 8.77 km (5:30 / km) +70m 5:17 / km
shoes: Asics Hyper Speed 6 2016

Easy run in Hammarskog with Ross and Thierry. Nice pace and beautiful trails in some great weather. Some of them great and soft. Apparently we avoided some scary swans by not taking an overgrown path.

This was after spending the afternoon at the Hammarskog midsommar festival. This consisted of eating and lounging around, along with some games. Didn't get involved in the dancing but went and looked at it anyway.

My amazing auto-sync seems to be broken so I expect all my session from today will be doubled at some point.
5 PM

Cycling 30:13 intensity: (15:13 @0) + (15:00 @1)
shoes: Cannondale CAAD8

10.817km 124m
Slightly more effort on the way home. The climbs were more dragged out and the downs steeper (of course). Great day though.

Thursday Jun 22 #

8 AM

slept:8.0 weight:81.4kg (rest day)

Wednesday Jun 21 #

8 AM

rhr:45 slept:8.5 weight:81.4kg

6 PM

Running (off-road) tempo 36:12 intensity: (7 @0) + (6:09 @1) + (6:21 @2) + (15:43 @3) + (7:52 @4) 7.63 km (4:45 / km) +44m 4:37 / km
ahr:153 max:167 shoes: Asics Hyper Speed 6 2016

3x 10mins @ 4:20 with 2 mins rest

Hågadalen as usual but extended it south by the forest. Made it a small bit lumpier in one or two places but that was a fine cost to make sure I don't get bored. I used the stupid intervals setting on my watch so the splits won't upload here. They were 4:17, 4:22, 4:17, so pretty bang on. Felt good for the most part. It was downhill with the wind going south and uphill headwind north so the second one was the toughest. On the last one I got a fly in my eye after about 2 mins. I stopped because it was quite sore but when I hadn't solved it in 20s I just continued. The pain stopped but my contact had come out so couldn't really see for the last 8 minutes then.

Running (off-road) warm up/down 9:50 intensity: (9:40 @1) + (9 @2) + (1 @3) 1.69 km (5:48 / km) +36m 5:15 / km
ahr:135 max:146 shoes: Asics Hyper Speed 6 2016

Jogged with Gina to the start of her orienteering. Saw Kate and Elisa on the way. Then headed off myself to do drills and strides.

Running (road) warm up/down 18:17 intensity: (2 @0) + (6:26 @1) + (8:57 @2) + (2:52 @3) 2.94 km (6:13 / km) +22m 5:59 / km
ahr:145 max:160 shoes: Asics Hyper Speed 6 2016

Home again. Pretty evening colourwise. Pity I couldn't see it :(

Tuesday Jun 20 #

slept:8.0 weight:80.7kg

6 PM

Running (off-road) 1:01:04 intensity: (7:30 @0) + (51:48 @1) + (1:46 @2) 7.79 km (7:50 / km) +90m 7:24 / km
ahr:124 max:152 shoes: Inov8 X-Talon 2016

Over to KG for testbana number 2. Again I didn't run it hard, this time shadowing Gina and helping her with directions as she ran it harder. Nice day to be out. Once again messed up the recording of it though and got thoroughly confused about how long I had been out and it ended up being a little longer than planned.

Monday Jun 19 #


Medium week ahead. Recover a bit after Jukola but get some sessions in and a long one before tapering for WOC. Getting excited.

Mon- 45mins easy
Tues- 50mins easy
Weds- 3 x 10mins @ 4:20 (2mins rec)
Thurs- Rest day
Fri- 50mins easy
Sat- 30mins progressive tempo 4:20 down to 4:00 or high 3:50s at the end
Sun- 2hr long run steady (will make yourself a long O course with decent runnability to practice routes)
8 AM

rhr:43 slept:8.5 weight:80.6kg

Got home anyway. Long train ride was ok, napping here and there. We were able to check our bags in which meant we could relax a bit more for the 3 hours in the airport (the plane was delayed 45 mins). Home at 22:30 and had a quick dinner before bed.

Don't feel wrecked today but certainly there is some tiredness.
7 PM

Running (off-road) 47:52 intensity: (42 @0) + (34:33 @1) + (5:46 @2) + (6:51 @3) 8.3 km (5:46 / km) +89m 5:28 / km
ahr:138 max:161 shoes: Asics Hyper Speed 6 2016

First day in a very long time I didn't really feel like going out for a run. I thought it was a good idea to get out because I spent all yesterday cramped up travelling.

Nice day out so went down to the river and followed the trail around and back to Kung Björns Hög. Took it easy and enjoyed myself. Must have looked good running because I got followed by a drone for about 400m. Saw some water buffalo, or well the cows were swimming in the river to get around a fence. Saw more magpies than any other bird. Stopped to stroke a lovely ginger cat I met. Overheard conversation snippets include (in English) "I'm not sure if I peed myself or just got my ass wet" from a girl standing in the river. "I just can't imagine kissing a girl" from a girl walking along a path.

Upon getting to Kung Björn's I did the microsprint from Thierry's KOM. Good fun with some intense Orienteering. The pink paint marks were still there too.

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