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Training Log: roar

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Running (road)4 3:41:31 24.52(9:02) 39.46(5:37) 15280.3
  O-training1 1:45:23 8.42(12:31) 13.55(7:47) 31824.8
  Strength1 45:004.5
  Total6 6:11:54 32.94 53.02 470109.5
  [1-5]6 6:10:30
averages - sleep:7.8 weight:78.8kg

Wednesday Jul 18 #

8 AM

slept:7.0 weight:78.3kg (rest day)

Tuesday Jul 17 #

8 AM

Strength 45:00 [1]

Speedy gym. Lowered the weights and increased the reps. Took less recovery between the sets too then
5 mins cross trainer to warm up
squats 3x10 40kg
deadlifts 3x10 40, 50, 50
core: 2 rounds of front, back arms
cool down and cycle to work.
6 PM

Running (road) intervals 1:00:00 intensity: (40:00 @2) + (20:00 @5) 8.9 km (6:44 / km)
shoes: New Balance Vazee

Intervals on Norbyspåret. Only 3 of us today and Kristin was the only one with a watch because mine is totally gone now. Just randomly starts trainings and I can't stop them or anything.
5x2min, 1 min, 5x1 min, 30s, 5x30s, 15s, 5x15s, 15s
Felt really good on the 2s. Counting my steps and was consistently getting around the 187 mark so had some judgement of how far in I was. Normally on Norbyspåret the hills kill me but I seemed to be going grand.
Then the 1s, the first 4 were just as good but the last one just didn't happen, in terms of me moving. It was on the "1st" hill and I really just couldn't get moving up it. The 30s were quite a struggle then but I did start to come back. The 15s I tried to use form to open up the body and move through them and that worked really well.

Quite annoying not having a watch so will need to do something about that.

Monday Jul 16 #

8 AM

slept:8.0 weight:79.2kg

Got pretty tired towards the end of last week. Gym + hills searching took a bit out of me and a bit to get over. This weekend is a bit of WOC simulation so will plan a relay style course for Friday and long style on Sunday.

Mon- 30-40mins easy
Tues- AM gym (max 45 mins), PM Intervaller med Linne (5*2, 5*1, 5*30s, 5*15s)
Weds- rest day
Thurs- Distans i skog med Linne
Fri- Elongated middle distance hard w/ full warm up & cool down
Sat- 25mins easy
Sun- 80-90min O course hard w/ full warm up & cool down
6 PM

Running (road) 36:30 intensity: (21 @0) + (6:14 @1) + (5:54 @2) + (12:50 @3) + (9:25 @4) + (1:46 @5) 6.76 km (5:24 / km) +10m 5:21 / km
ahr:155 max:178 shoes: New Balance Vazee

After preparing dinner, ventured into the sauna that is outside. My watch is having seisures so used Gina's today. Topless because that's the only way it was possible to survive. So hot, I saw a naked lady who seemingly had just given up on changing after a swim in the river. Did some pullups at the utegym (note to self, take ring off before using bars) and some press ups when I got home before a very necessary cold shower. Legs feeling good after the weekend actually but the easy day was quite good.

Sunday Jul 15 #

10 AM

O-training 1:45:23 intensity: (20 @0) + (21:36 @1) + (35:30 @2) + (44:09 @3) + (3:48 @4) **** 13.55 km (7:47 / km) +318m 6:58 / km
ahr:150 max:165 shoes: Inov8 X-talons 225

Got the bus to Sunnersta and headed to the Latvia esque part of Lunsen. Hot out, hitting 30 degrees today. Legs felt heavy from the off and that definitely didn't get better. Orienteering was mostly good, few bits of compass on slopes weren't 100%. Should maybe look at printing this map with 5m contours? Veg is a bit out of date but is still quite relevant. Threw water from the leg over my head when I went past it the two times. Plenty of people swimming and a few geese in the middle of them. On the way back I was pretty tired so skipped a few of the controls and just ran back the path.

Walked to a beach and had a swim in the lake afterwards which was an absolute life saver.

Saturday Jul 14 #

9 AM

Running (road) warm up/down 13:30 intensity: (9 @0) + (9:42 @1) + (2:29 @2) + (36 @3) + (34 @4) 2.43 km (5:33 / km) +14m 5:24 / km
ahr:137 max:166 shoes: New Balance Vazee

Stiff feeling this morning. Up early for a small bit of food then relaxing. Jogged into town to warm up before parkrun. Again took a while to get going but seemed to loosen up ok. Warm though, already like 25 degrees.

Running (road) race 19:49 intensity: (1 @0) + (22 @1) + (9 @2) + (46 @3) + (2:37 @4) + (15:54 @5) 5.0 km (3:58 / km) +16m 3:54 / km
ahr:175 max:183 shoes: New Balance Vazee

Thought I'd be capable of a PB but the weather wasn't perfect for it, hitting 26/27 degrees already at 9:30 AM.
Started steady, a bit too steady and when I saw the split for the first k I pushed on and moved into 2nd place. Pushed on a bit hard though, I got back on pace by the km 2 split I was starting to feel the heat, as such.
km 3 was a bit slower but I tried to keep digging. The old heart was doing it's best but I really started to build up lactic from here until about the 4k marker. Heard steps behind me coming up to 4k and fought to keep them at bay but it just wasn't happening today and ended up in 3rd by a good 15s.

Running (road) intervals 36:04 intensity: (5 @0) + (8:59 @1) + (4:38 @2) + (7:10 @3) + (9:14 @4) + (5:58 @5) 6.69 km (5:24 / km) +16m 5:20 / km
ahr:155 max:177 shoes: New Balance Vazee

Some sick individual decided I should do intervals after the parkrun. I decided he was worth trusting and went for it, after waiting in the shade a while to cool down. Had put my water bottle in the freezer before coming so took some sips of that too which was a life saver.
3x 3min, 2min, 1min with 90s between everything.
Jaysus this hurt but good to get the suffer in. The 3s I kinda cruised hard and then tried to push for the last 1.5 mins. The 2s and 1s were just suffer from the get go. Felt good for doing this.

Afterwards I had an ice cream before jogging home. That was a dream.

Running (road) warm up/down 15:54 intensity: (28 @0) + (9:17 @1) + (6:06 @2) + (3 @3) 2.64 km (6:01 / km) +16m 5:50 / km
ahr:139 max:153 shoes: New Balance Vazee

Jog home with Gina cycling. Dying. Waaay too hot and was suffering more and more. Shade was ok but the sun was lethal. Lay on the ground and Gina poured ice on me when I got home.
5 PM


Went into town to do some shopping today. Entering the shops was a blessing as they were wonderfully cool. That was until the power went in several blocks of the city centre, we speculate the air con pumping hard in every shop had a lot to do with it. Kinda weird experience being in the basement of a shop with like 10 other people wondering what was happening.

Friday Jul 13 #

6 PM

Running (road) 39:44 [1] 7.04 km (5:39 / km) +80m 5:20 / km
shoes: New Balance Vazee

Very tired all day. Took a bit after finishing work but got out the door into the sauna. Took a while to get the legs moving but they woke up eventually. Nice extended loop that included a new path, visiting the graveyard. Might use it again.

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