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In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  biking - dark blue bike5 5:08:41 71.05(4:21) 114.35(2:42) 1350
  Total5 5:08:41 71.05(4:21) 114.35(2:42) 1350
averages - weight:140.4lbs

Saturday Feb 16 #

2 PM

biking - dark blue bike 1:12:09 intensity: (57 @1) + (23:40 @2) + (46:16 @3) + (1:16 @4) 16.62 mi (4:20 / mi) +475ft 4:14 / mi
ahr:131 max:158 weight:140lbs

36F, NW 10-15, sunny. Very nice out, especially the first few miles where I was heading towards Amherst and had a nice tailwind. The rest, less so, but still, a sunny day is a sunny day, so no complaints.

Thinking a bit more about yesterday, just as there are those days where I am feeling uncoordinated, or stupid, yesterday was a day when I was just feeling cold. I remember coming in after a morning walk, my feet a little cold, and a couple of hours later my feet were still cold.

I thought about that getting dressed for today's outing. Put an extra shirt on, also a buff around my neck. So, of course, after 10 minutes I was too warm. But that's an easy fix, unzip the jacket partway. And on the way back into the wind, zipped back up and I was glad to have a little more on.

3 PM


And one more --

Friday Feb 15 #

3 PM

biking - dark blue bike 57:23 intensity: (49 @1) + (51:55 @2) + (4:39 @3) 13.46 mi (4:16 / mi) +98ft 4:14 / mi
ahr:120 max:136 weight:140.5lbs

37F, S 5-10, sun and clouds, but the road still wet from freezing rain and then plain rain earlier.

Felt chilly the whole time. I guess that happens when I actually carry through on my intention to go at a relaxed pace, but dress for a normal pace when I would be generating more heat. Or maybe it was just my psyche not behaving, looking at the snow all around and the wet roads and already starting to shiver. At some point I was contemplating, a bit unhappily, how far off spring is.

On the other hand, it's easy to get my psyche feeling positive again. In the old days I would tune in the Boston all-news radio station and within 10 minutes there would be the traffic report, and that would always cheer me up, thinking how fine it was not to live in Boston.

That still works, but why wait up to 10 minutes for a remedy, when I can just click on quite a few of my "favorites" AP logs, stories of this injury or that ailment, usually multiple things going on.

And then I think, Peter, be happy with what you've got. It's not going to last forever, but enjoy it for now.

Thursday Feb 14 #

3 PM

biking - dark blue bike 1:07:25 intensity: (36 @1) + (21:51 @2) + (43:34 @3) + (1:24 @4) 15.9 mi (4:14 / mi) +604ft 4:06 / mi
ahr:133 max:160 weight:141lbs

Leverett loop counter-clockwise. 36F, W 10, sunny. Pretty nice out. A loop with a few hills. Had the right attitude, at least for today -- going along OK but not pushing it. So the time and the miles passed easily.

No owls, no falls, no little ones telling me I am 99.

Wednesday Feb 13 #


So I asked four first-graders how old they thought I was. One, smart fellow, refused to offer a guess. The answers from the other three, well, the first was 92, the second was 88. At least they're going the right direction, I thought. The third one offered up 99. I was laughing pretty hard, at least internally.

A little while later I was with a few third-graders, 6 of them. Can't remember all the answers, but there was quite a range. On the high side, another 99. What can you do, you just look old? But than out popped a 40. 40? Been 34 years since I passed by there.

All part of a "community appreciation" lunch at the school, organized by an energetic mom, member of the PTO. Superintendent, principal, a couple of us from the school committee, the town library director, the police chief and two officers, the fellow in charge of the ambulance service, a fireman, and our state representative (who lives just down the street from me).

Managed several brief but productive conversations with other adults, but for much of the time we each had a table in the cafeteria, with a rotating assortment of little ones. Something which I have zero experience dealing with. I don't think I made a fool of myself, but if I did, folks were kind enough not to say so.

Tuesday Feb 12 #

11 AM

biking - dark blue bike 21:23 intensity: (37 @1) + (17:29 @2) + (3:17 @3) 4.88 mi (4:23 / mi) +37ft 4:21 / mi
ahr:124 max:139 weight:140.5lbs

Time for another owl, though this one, like all the ones I've seen this winter, was not a Bubo bubo, not even a Bubo something else. A Strix varia, if you must. Just don't expect latin to be making a regular appearance in these pages.

There was a guy who had been watching it move around the field edges for a while. Stopped and had a nice chat with him.


biking - dark blue bike 41:18 intensity: (3:17 @1) + (35:05 @2) + (2:56 @3) 7.79 mi (5:18 / mi) +43ft 5:16 / mi
ahr:115 max:147

Part 2. Continued on a ways, including some along an old farm road just to see what might be there (and the conditions were good, ground frozen but no ice).

And then stopped on the way back, the owl still around. Had another chat with the guy, shorter (the chat, not the guy) this time as my fingers and toes were getting cold. Got home none too soon, as the digits were starting to hurt and 5 minutes later the snow was coming down hard.

20F, light NE breeze, a few snowflakes towards the end.

Monday Feb 11 #

3 PM

biking - dark blue bike 49:03 intensity: (38 @1) + (25:58 @2) + (19:47 @3) + (2:40 @4) 12.4 mi (3:57 / mi) +93ft 3:56 / mi
ahr:129 max:158 weight:140lbs

Mid-30s, N 5-10 mph. More effort than usual, at least on the last few miles back into the wind. Not that it was much of a wind, but my headwind sensors are finely tuned. Though it wasn't like I was trying to work harder. It just happened.

Though, once again, I avoided going up any hills... :-)

Supposed to get some sort of snow tomorrow, turning to slop by the time it's done. So I expect a day or two off is coming. Fortunately my carefully crafted training schedule calls for exactly that.

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