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Training Log: PG

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  biking - dark blue bike7 8:42:45 107.56(4:52) 173.11(3:01) 3330
  Total7 8:42:45 107.56(4:52) 173.11(3:01) 3330
averages - weight:139.8lbs

Friday Dec 14 #

12 PM

biking - dark blue bike 1:04:40 intensity: (18:48 @1) + (45:52 @2) 13.46 mi (4:48 / mi) +99ft 4:46 / mi
ahr:103 max:118 weight:139lbs

With Gail. Upper 30s, light breeze from the south, cloudy but very pleasant. Relatively easy pace as she is on the rebound from a lengthy cold.

Thursday Dec 13 #

11 AM

biking - dark blue bike 1:03:23 intensity: (41 @1) + (32:31 @2) + (29:55 @3) + (16 @4) 15.16 mi (4:11 / mi) +388ft 4:05 / mi
ahr:129 max:154 weight:139.5lbs

25, minimal wind, snow flurries.

Just so I remember: Feet were starting to get chilly at about 45 minutes, would have been a problem maybe at 75-90 minutes. Ditto for hands. Face was chilly but fine. Legs were fine. Torso a little chilly at times but fine.

I think the rides are going to be getting shorter and less frequent. But so far so good.

Wednesday Dec 12 #

12 PM

biking - dark blue bike 1:07:44 intensity: (1:36 @1) + (52:32 @2) + (13:36 @3) 15.94 mi (4:15 / mi) +517ft 4:07 / mi
ahr:119 max:150 weight:140lbs

About 35, NW 10-15, more sun than clouds. A pretty good choice of routes, Headed south in the flats, wind helping a little, then cut back north through a bit of the lower Whately hills. So not really anything straight into the wind. I suppose the trade-off was a bit of climbing, which is fine, and then a speedy downhill.

On the latter I figure my air speed hit about 40, so it supposedly felt like 20F. But 20 in still air is not bad, and likewise, this didn't really feel cold. I believe the proper word is invigorating.

I think the face can take quite a bit before bad things start to happen. I remember many years ago going for a run in the hills with Fred, 10 miles, first 4 were right into a good NW breeze and the temperature was about -5F. Over the next few days a bit of skin peeled off parts of my nose, ears, and cheeks. That was cold.

Coming back by exit 24 off the interstate, just past the truck stop, I spotted another biker up ahead. First I'd seen today. Got a little closer and realized he wasn't moving, just standing. Went past him, saw it was an old guy, long grey beard, rather shabby clothing. Had me wondering, is this a vision of me in a near future? When the time comes, should I be hoping someone takes away my bike, just as I hope they take away my car keys? Sure seems like it.


Tuesday Dec 11 #

11 AM

biking - dark blue bike 7:00 intensity: (54 @1) + (6:06 @2) 1.45 mi (4:50 / mi) +6ft 4:48 / mi
ahr:109 max:119 weight:140lbs

Down to South Main Street....


biking - dark blue bike (orienteering) 13:27 intensity: (3:57 @1) + (9:30 @2) 0.7 mi (19:12 / mi) +2ft 19:09 / mi
ahr:102 max:116

Ah, such foolishness.... :-)

I figured there couldn't be a better place to celebrate reaching 5,000 than the one and only Mike's Maze, in the process doing my first corn maze bike orienteering. Perhaps the first ever corn maze bike orienteering? Also, perhaps the last ever corn maze bike orienteering?

But it was there and it had to be done.

Got out the sprint map from this year's champs, I'd had 10:50 I think. I figured the last thing I wanted was to be clipped in, so I put on a pair of running shoes because that seemed easier than changing pedals. And got set to go.

The maze, well, like me, it's not as young as it used to be. More precisely, it's old and it's showing its age. But there is still a maze. Of course there were no controls out, and a couple of times that would have been really helpful, but you deal with what's there.

Sunny day, light wind, upper 20s, beautiful. Except it would have been a lot better had it been cloudy, though I didn't realize this until I was in the maze.

Started off, moving nicely to #1, the ground was frozen hard, except where it wasn't. And in those places, where the ground was a dark brown, the top layer must have gotten enough sun that it had thawed and there was now a layer of rather gooey mud on top. With zero traction. Sure made things interesting.

Got to #1 OK, hit the button on my Garmin to take splits, on to #2. Got there, determined that I had stopped my watch at #1 and that I was now actually at #3.

Bummer in 2 ways. Thought for a moment. Decided -- because it was my party and I was making the rules -- that the only thing to do was a do-over. Headed back to the start outside the maze. Got there, deleted the data from the Garmin. Hey, if it's not on the Garmin, it never happened, right?

OK, started off again. Seemed as every minute went by there was more mud. Seemed like riding a bike in this stuff was rather difficult (and thank goodness I wasn't clipped in). Seemed like riding a bike in a maze and trying to orienteer was some combination of difficult and insane. And imagine if there had been, say, the 50 or so folks we get for the corn maze champs all in the maze at once, on bikes.

Nope, corn maze bike orienteering is not going to catch on. But for this one time, well, it seemed just right. Made the 5,000. And I was smiling before, during, and after. And didn't even mind the half hour it took afterwards to clean the mud off the bike (it went down a couple of times, though I didn't.

And I finished the course.... :-)


biking - dark blue bike 8:03 intensity: (2:22 @1) + (5:41 @2) 1.51 mi (5:20 / mi) +44ft 5:11 / mi
ahr:102 max:123

And then back home. So nice to get out orienteering in December....


1 PM

biking - dark blue bike 1:42:19 intensity: (6:02 @1) + (1:35:18 @2) + (59 @3) 20.58 mi (4:58 / mi) +263ft 4:55 / mi
ahr:113 max:134

Had a little something to eat and then out for another ride, take advantage of the good weather. Didn't feel any need to work hard, so I didn't.

Thought I'd visit area where I made my first O' map, actually two little maps, done in either 1975 or 1976, can't remember. Lower Mill River and then Upper Mill River. Got used a couple of times, but I honestly can't remember any details. Black and white, that was the standard back then. Things sure have changed.

So went to North Amherst, then the Mill River Rec Area, then the main trail heading up through both areas. Hadn't been there for quite a few years, but not much has changed. I'll have to see if I can find a copy of the maps.

On the way back saw Gail, still heading out on the Zigzag, so I joined her, figured she'd like the company and so would I, just had to make sure we didn't run into each other. Which we didn't. Very pleasant, then a little before home I branched off to go get a photo of the maze. Yup, looks just like me, old, battered, shrunken.... :-)

Still supposed to be really good weather (for December) for a few more days.


Monday Dec 10 #

10 AM

biking - dark blue bike 1:24:07 intensity: (41 @1) + (54:45 @2) + (28:41 @3) 20.59 mi (4:05 / mi) +341ft 4:01 / mi
ahr:126 max:147 weight:140lbs

Low 30s, N 10, sunny. To Turners Falls and back along the river. Getting used to these temps, didn't even feel cold when the wind was in my face. :-)

On the other hand, seems I can't do math any more. Was aiming for 4,999...


Sunday Dec 9 #

11 AM

biking - dark blue bike 1:52:02 intensity: (41 @1) + (46:22 @2) + (1:00:53 @3) + (4:06 @4) 18.17 mi (6:10 / mi) +1670ft 5:40 / mi
ahr:132 max:159 weight:140lbs

So yesterday I contemplated an attempt with the bike, of course, on Mt. Grace. But put it off to another day.

That turned out to be today.

Promised Gail I would behave myself, ie. not do anything stupid, though I suppose just starting this outing was stupid. But I've always felt that I have at least some common sense. I remember one time long ago with a group of runners, we were doing a traverse of the Presidential's, south to north, midsummer, and the weather was not good. Got up somewhere near Eisenhower and the rain started coming down harder and the wind getting stronger and the temperature dropping, and I stopped and said I was going back, this was crazy. Talked the others into too. As it happened, someone died up there that day.

And so today I was totally ready to turn back if conditions called for. Not the weather, specifically, though this time of year any accident that limits your mobility can get very serious, very quickly. Just because of the cold.

Started from Northfield, just to make a proper climb of it. Felt OK on the half-hour climb up the Warwick road, then circled around to the east side of Mt. Grace and headed up the access road. There was snow in the woods in places, and I had no idea what the jeep trail to the tower would be like.

First obstacle was the gate, nothing you could get under or through, easy to climb over but not so easy with a bike. There was a stile on one side, also easy to climb over, and then lots of barbed wire and electric fencing. Took a bit of figuring to determine the best way to get the bike over, eventually sort of swung it up and around and over everything. Time to start climbing.

And there was snow on the road, sporadically at first. Very old snow, crusty, a little icy sometimes, sometimes smooth, sometimes footprints had chopped it up. Made it a couple hundred yards, hit the first bit of snow and under the rules for the day, if there was any doubt, get off before you fall off.

A break at this point, off came the booties, figured I might have to do a bunch of walking, no point in trashing them, plus less traction. Walked not much, back on the bike, working my way up. Probably got off a couple more times for short bits, but generally making good progress until I was about 300' below the summit.

At this point the road got a little steeper, and there was definitely more snow, very little bare ground now, plus a little more ice. Well, time to walk a bit. And so I walked. And walked some more, And walked some more, trying to remember where the ice was (black ice, had melted and refrozen, the worst kind, no grip at all). Took a while. And then maybe 100 yards before the tower, back on the bike as the road flattened out.

Took the obligatory photo (evidence), climbed the tower. easy to see Monadnock, Quabbin, Toby, but there was a lot of haze, so no sign of Wachusett, or Greylock, or the southern Green Mountains. Or, I suppose, Pomeroy... :-)

Beautiful day, the haze notwithstanding, sun and clouds, low 30s, S 5-10.

Back down the tower. And then back down the road, which was mostly a pain in the ass, hanging onto to the brakes, feet unclipped, never knew what the bike would do, trying to not take any chances.

Once more past the gate, gave the bike a better swing this time (first time the rear wheel dropped onto a piece of barbed wire, and I figured that wasn't the smartest thing).

Back on with the booties, around to the west side of the mountain and then six miles of downhill. Maybe I'm getting acclimated, wasn't even cold, though I was pedaling all the way down to generate a little heat.

Fine outing. As good as it gets these days.


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