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Training Log: Dooby

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Cycling1 1:16:56 23.34(3:18) 37.56(2:03) 194
  Road3 1:11:50 10.29(6:59) 16.57(4:20) 121
  Turbo Trainer2 55:02
  Circuits1 50:41
  Grass2 46:37 5.29(8:49) 8.52(5:28) 2
  Total8 5:01:06 38.92 62.64 317

Sunday Mar 26 #

11 AM

Grass warm up/down 22:13 [2] 4.43 km (5:01 / km) +2m 5:00 / km
shoes: Brooks Ghost 9

Lovely day
Warmed up around the GAA pitch, some on grass and some on gravel trail. Time would also include run over to start on the road in racing shoes.

One thing I know the pace seems to be wrong for this, was definitely running slower. Garmin did lose reception I think at some point.

Road race 16:40 [5] 4.95 km (3:22 / km) +22m 3:18 / km
shoes: Nike Lunaracer+

Kerry County Roads 5k 2017 Beaufort

Really didn't know what sort of shape I was in for this race. No idea what pace I can run. So plan was to stick with the group and see how I get on. What's the worst that can happen...

Maybe a group of 5/6 formed, first km was alright, and then for the 2nd i'd to work a bit to try and keep with the lads (& lady). But started to drop off a bit during the 3rd and knew from there i'd be on my own.

Had 1 lad behind, but knew Martin was closing. And then in front Donal had dropped slightly off the group of 4 that were in the battle for 2nd. 1st was safely Tim's. Although was very surprising to see him hunched over after around 2.5km. He was tieing his lace! The group hadn't caught him by the time he'd it re-tied and then he stood up, gave them a look, and took off again. He was just doing enough to win by the looks of things.

I was definitely feeling it into the wind on my own, also a gradual uphill here. Worked on the steeper slope which was at the end of the pull. And then worked hard for the last couple of drags in the 4th km.

Last kilometre I was gaining more on Donal but Martin was gaining on me. After turning at the pub I knew that Martin wasn't going to catch me.


I looked at my watch after the first km and saw that it was 3.10, my reaction was one of surprise, more knowing that doing that was going to cause trouble later on, although it would have been downhill.

Overall pleased to have run sub 17, didn't think I was in the running shape to do that. So definitely a starting point for things to come.
12 PM

Grass warm up/down 24:24 [3] 4.09 km (5:58 / km)
shoes: Brooks Ghost 9

With Rob Purcell around the pitch, some with George and also Cian.

Kinda got to a stage where it was a stand off over who would stop running first!

Legs feeling grand after the race.

Saturday Mar 25 #

10 AM

Cycling 1:16:56 [3] 37.56 km (2:03 / km) +194m 2:00 / km
shoes: Spiuk ZS11

Beaufort with an extra loop

Plan was to go to Beaufort on the usual circuit, and then do a spin around the course for tomorrow. The promo on facebook says it's a fast course, and from cycling it i'm not sure i'd agree. Not sure where the start/finish will be but at the moment there's 28m of climb according to my garmin. Fast start I reckon but middle part of the course there's a long enough drag before steeper climb on last 2km.

Legs still feeling a bit sore after circuits on Thursday, the reverse lunges causing trouble. Other parts not too bad. Although did some painting when I got home and maybe upper body is still in a bit of trouble too.

Wondering what i'm doing with myself with a spin like this the day before a race, but I suppose I don't know what i'm doing this year. Really need to come up with a few targets, apart from getting myself into good shape.

Weather today = stunning, like summer!

Friday Mar 24 #

5 PM

Road 40:19 [3] 8.81 km (4:35 / km) +88m 4:22 / km
shoes: Brooks Ghost 9


Modified usual loop from the 1st car park. Modifications being more road instead of paths early on. Minding the ankles. Had them taped too. Changes in angle on the road seem to cause trouble, happened once or twice. Also changed lacing on shoes.

Lovely evening. Blue skies.

Think I might have run slightly faster than I wanted to but felt mostly ok.

Thursday Mar 23 #

5 PM

Circuits 50:41 [3]

Tough session.

More upper body than leg work. And as usual core hurt!

Wednesday Mar 22 #

7 PM

Turbo Trainer 20:33 [2]

Avg Cadence = 90rpm

Quick 20 minutes to get something done for the evening. Went to a meeting after work so took some time.

Feeling mostly ok. Right ankle a bit sore, more the muscles around it, will be fine. At least my order of leukotape arrived today!

Tuesday Mar 21 #

5 PM

Road 14:51 [3] 2.81 km (5:17 / km) +11m 5:11 / km
shoes: Brooks Ghost 9

Set out to do run that I've done last few weeks. Happy enough with how legs were feeling for 1st km, but then crossing over the road to get onto the Fossa Way I went over badly enough on my right foot/ankle. Took a few minutes to get over it and then hobbled home.

Pissed off. Not sure why it happened, thinking new runners might be the cause, but could be just looking for excuses.

Think i'll finish off GOT tomorrow just to do something, the episode I didn't manage to complete yesterday.

Monday Mar 20 #

10 AM


Based on next weekend I should be able to manage my ankle without exposing it to much over the next week or so. Keep it stable and let it recover. That being said I suspect clipping in and out of pedals on the bike might be an issue.

Other problem I feel at the moment is that I think that i'm living a bit on the edge in terms of sickness. Was feeling very tired yesterday afternoon after what wasn't that strenuous a morning at Banna. So think there are signs telling me to be careful. Need some more rest and as much sleep as possible.

Monday - Cycling/Turbo (weather dependent)
Tuesday - Running
Wednesday - Rest (think i'll go to a meeting after work)
Thursday - Circuits
Friday - Running
Saturday - Cycling
Sunday - Running (5k, County Roads)
5 PM

Turbo Trainer 34:29 [2]

Avg Cadence = 90rpm

This session finished 20 minutes before it was supposed to, therefore bad session.

Mentally and physically tired, not sure which was worse. Anyways, not a good start to the week. But I did say earlier I need to be careful, this might be taking it to the extreme.

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