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Training Log: Dooby

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering1 1:14:41 6.63(11:16) 10.67(7:00) 23028c
  Turbo Trainer1 45:37
  Trails/Road1 43:37 5.53(7:54) 8.89(4:54) 80
  Road1 41:26 5.33(7:47) 8.57(4:50) 31
  Trails2 10:08 0.8(12:43) 1.28(7:54)
  Total5 3:35:29 18.28 29.41 34128c

Thursday Feb 27 #

5 PM

Trails/Road 43:37 [3] 8.89 km (4:54 / km) +80m 4:42 / km
ahr:155 max:175 shoes: New Balance 890


Calf was ok. Didn't cause trouble but did a bit of work with the Alpha Ball as usual later, needed it. Expect it might be a bit better tomorrow. Think I won't run Saturday & Sunday at this stage, there is an orange warning with Storm Jorge on the way for Saturday so that is a consideration, will see how I feel.

Lake is still high but has been higher based on the amount of debris at the start as the path runs along the lake shore.

Not a bad day today so good to get out on one of the better days of late.

Caught the start of 2fm's Game On. They were going to be talking about 31 hours of training in what I assume is a week! And I don't think they were talking about pros.

Wednesday Feb 26 #

5 PM

Turbo Trainer 45:37 [3]
ahr:131 max:147

Avg Cadence = 98rpm

Breaking Bad S03 E09

Some issues with laptop due to sound so bit of faffing a few minutes after starting. Had to download a subtitles file. Could blame those issues for the lower RPM but I can't, that was down to just being tired. If I could have come up with a good excuse not to get on the bike I would have. Tired, not just the legs but in general. Sleep is not improving.

Tuesday Feb 25 #

5 PM

Road 41:26 [3] 8.57 km (4:50 / km) +31m 4:45 / km
ahr:152 max:166 shoes: New Balance 890

Golf Course

Just to mix things up I ran through the golf course in the opposite direction this evening!

Cold evening, some hail/snow to start off with, but not too bad after that. Bite to the wind though.

Legs feeling a small bit tired and kind of knew right calf wasn't 100%. Felt it a bit afterwards but not desperate. Felt better after rolling/stretching it.

Monday Feb 24 #

8 AM


Not sure if i'm resting today or not. Body could do with something to ease out the aches and pains after yesterday. Took a beating in the woods. It's aches rather than pain so at least that's something.

Monday - Bike/Rest
Tuesday - Run
Wednesday - Bike
Thursday - Run
Friday - Bike
Saturday - Run
Sunday - Orienteering

Must do some entering of events too. Unsure still about Leinster Champs, it's a bit of a trek. 400km one-way! Don't fancy 800km in a day and I don't think I can get away for a night at the moment.
Been thinking about IOC and will enter Middle & Long only at this stage. I'll hold back on the sprint entry, and if I do decide to enter sprint I'll run my age class, last opportunity at M35! Reality is I think skipping the sprint will happen in order to save the legs for the rest of the weekend.
4 PM

(rest day)

Didn't train.

Had Afternoon Tea which was very good (& filling).
Then collected Erik and took him to see Torc Waterfall before going home and spent a bit of time outside with him playing (& him attempting to wheel the wheelbarrow). So no time for the bike.

Back still sore but legs less so.

Sunday Feb 23 #

11 AM

Trails warm up/down 3:38 [3] 0.49 km (7:25 / km)
ahr:125 max:136 shoes: VJ Falcons ?

Token warm up.

Orienteering race 1:14:41 [5] *** 10.67 km (7:00 / km) +230m 6:19 / km
ahr:162 max:189 28c shoes: VJ Falcons ?

Glengarra Munster League

Plan was to race, to see where i'm at, and also not to get beaten!

A bit left to 1.

2 was fine and 3 was ok too.

I went left to 4 but think right might have been better in hindsight, less climb that way.

Got 5 ok from above, maybe some luck involved, up the gully from below would be the smart move.

6 was fine.

Went past the hostel to 7 but there was an unmarked gully before the stream so that distracted me. Started looking for the control early. Time lost here.

Came across through the white to 8, crossed the gully and had a bit of a debate where I needed to climb or descend. Decided descend and was correct.

Slog uphill then to 9.

Somehow ended up on the ride that I wanted to going to 10.

Went straight through the green to 11, was runnable.

Next few controls were fine, maybe a bit high on my line to 14.

To 15 I crossed the gully at 9. Maybe a straighter route was an option but hard to see across the green gully to know what the forest on the other side was like.

16 was just run on the road. Looked ahead to the next few controls here.

Back to the road before dropping to 17.

To 18 I climbed back up to the road. Felt the road bend was a better way of attacking the control in this area.

19, what can I say about that disaster of a leg. Went very very wrong. Thought I hit the white in the green but I didn't, I was in green. Kept going as reckoned i'd git the wall. Eventually git the wall but a good bit north of where I wanted to be, in the open area on the other side of the green to 19. So had to go through that green to get to 19. Tough crawling, climbing, and all other sorts of fighting.

20 and 21 were fine. So was the run to 22 but drifted right of it.

A bit stuck above 23.

Stayed low to 24, hitting the wall and coming up it.
1 PM

Trails warm up/down 6:30 [2] 0.79 km (8:12 / km)
ahr:153 max:185 shoes: VJ Falcons ?

A stop/start warm down as Jim gave me the new CorkO mapping set-up to try out. A windows tablet, OCAD & a GPS. Jim wanted to know if the GPS was where it should be in terms of the map.

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