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In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Skate skiing2 1:20:00
  Classic skiing1 1:15:00 3.2(23:26) 5.15(14:34)
  Weightexercise workout2 50:00
  Cardio2 40:00
  Walking1 31:01 1.63(19:04) 2.62(11:51) 58
  Total6 4:36:01 4.83 7.77 58

Tuesday Jan 23 #

5 PM

Walking 31:01 [1] 1.63 mi (19:04 / mi) +58m 17:10 / mi

To end of Stoneybrook & back a bit after dark. Clearing, near half moon. It was a rainy, dreary day, beginning with a layer of ice. The walk and drive were a sheet of ice. Went to the garage a few times in microspikes. When I went out for the walk, I had running shoes on. Not falling was the challenge.
Sanded after.

Monday Jan 22 #

Cardio 30:00 [3]

Weightexercise workout 15:00 [1]

Raw, spitting day with rain on the way (and a blow to the snow).

Sunday Jan 21 #

Skate skiing 30:00 [3]

At BHS - surface more uneven than I'd considered - where wind and shade acted and did not. Maybe 40% of the track was useful.

Ice fishing on Turee, almost Currier & Ives but too few people. Heard a January robin. Around 40F.

Skate skiing 30:00 [2]

Went back to BHS in pm. A lot of snow had melted over the track. Interesting to see how little cover works for skate glide - 1/2" of wet corn snow over a hard, flat surface was good for a few easy passes. Tried out one of the soccer fields. Where groomed, it wasn't so good but more smooth, soft <2" crust over grass worked pretty good.

Saturday Jan 20 #

Weightexercise workout 35:00 [1]

Cardio 10:00 [3]

End of day at Y. Low 40s peasant. Promising at BHS infield for morning crust possibilities.


Noted last time skiing at BB was 2/6/2016, on the route I'd intended yesterday. Nothing like visiting such a place say 4 times a month for keeping in touch. Last winter was valve repair season so no go. A # of '06 winter BB visits were warm days for foot O.

Friday Jan 19 #

Classic skiing 1:15:00 [2] 3.2 mi (23:26 / mi)

Went to Bear Brook to try classic. Started from Podunk pkng & took trail to E of the road at headquarters that goes to the camp ground. I'd done this quite a few times but not in a few years. Came to one intersection (sign said Hemlock Tr., -1). Took it, thinking it might be part of what I'd done before but had forgotten. Went a few hundred meters toward a large hemlock tree line and knew this was new. Started back as I had a long enough ski planned. Then, however, I decided to give it a try - something new and flexibility was fine. Under the thick, high canopy, the snow was pretty thin and skis occ hit dirt, a root or rock. There were some fresh ski tracks. At one point, I had to return to pick up a dropped hat. Skis had to come off a # of times due to too thin a layer of snow. The trail led across a steep slope for quite a bit in a really fine section of high hemlocks.

Finally, came to a jct that said Hemlock Tr. to L (& no tracks) and Pine Pitch with one set of tracks straight. My cell battery had surprisingly dropped right off about 15' before with the relative cold and Strava usage so I could not determine where I was relative to the road. Was not pleased with the uncertainty. It was all unfamiliar - not on the BB map, so I returned to the original intersection, walking and skiing, rather than get to the next jct and risk more uncertainty. Got back there 33' later. Returned to Podunk pkng. Had run out of time. Did check the kiosk map and noted that Hemlock was a MTB trail and was able to find the intersection where I turned around.

Thursday Jan 18 #

Skate skiing 20:00 [2]

Token at BHS. Went there around 5:30, chewed up groomed but good time.
Decent light from parking lot. Mild.

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