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activity # timemileskm+m
  Weightexercise workout3 1:50:00
  Hiking1 1:43:06 2.9(35:33) 4.67(22:05) 69
  Walking2 1:20:55 3.5(23:07) 5.63(14:22) 24
  Cardio3 30:00
  Total6 5:24:01 6.4 10.3 93

Thursday Apr 19 #

Cardio 10:00 [3]

A raw, mostly gray day. Stopped by BHS track to see what activity there might be, mostly kids running hills, then went to the Y.

Pre-op surgical clearance visit at CH today. 0600 Tu for the next surgical
"adventure". Throw the dice, results have been in my favor, back to '77.
"All the king's horses and all the king's men...". I wonder when.

Weightexercise workout 30:00 [1]

Wednesday Apr 18 #

Cardio 8:00 [3]

Stress echo on treadmill @ CH. Got HR to 126, allowable stopping point, with considerable effort. Mitral valve was OK on resting ECHO. Have vascular surgery Tuesday. Haven't thought about it much. High time to.

Walking 40:00 [1] 1.5 mi (26:40 / mi)

Walked some of perimeter of Chadwick easement with Ken.

Tuesday Apr 17 #

Weightexercise workout 35:00 [2]

Cardio 12:00 [3]

Monday Apr 16 #


Boston marathon day. Drove to Wellesley (13.1 mi mark) for easy access, change of venue from downtown and the fact that I wanted to visit Walden after. Got there about 25’ before the elite women came thru. Spectators were thin at first. Better later, lots of cheering & spirit. At the east end of town, there was loud beat music that was perfect to lift weary spirits. I was amazed to see how thinly dressed so many were: not a few women elites with bare mid-riff, shoulders, arms; many runners without gloves or head cover. I counted 5 shirtless men. Temp was around 40 with occasional downpours. There was a strong east wind higher in the trees but Wellesley seemed protected in that regard tho the flags occasionally flapped with vigor.

The runners came as a trickle, then a rivulet, small stream, large stream and finally a river, and still flowing strong when I left after 4.5 hours in town. And then all to reverse, return to a trickle and dry up. There were the particularly inspiring participants - running on prosthetic limbs and visually impaired come to mind. Some were wired with their own sound systems. Being in town, I didn’t need the umbrella I brought for half the time as the stores had awnings. There was a handy bagel shop for coffee etc, too. Nothing was jammed with people as has been the case near the finish. I did not see any Wellesley gauntlet if that is something the students still do. It was a bit hard depart but I was cold and time had run out. Just a block away, it was silent. That flowing river of humanity continued of course but one wouldn’t know that from such a short distance away. An incredibly trying day and the slower the runner, the longer the trial.

I didn’t think of it for awhile but today marked the 50th anniversary of my first Boston (’68) and the 40th (’78) of my last. I headed off to Walden after, stopping at Regis College in Weston, a place I occasionally used as a staging point for long runs in the late 70s. There was a lacrosse practice going on. It was raining as hard as I'd seen all day.

Elite women leaders

3 PM

Walking 40:55 [1] 2.0 mi (20:27 / mi) +24m 19:43 / mi

Five years ago, Beth and I arrived at Walden having left the marathon finish area 75 minutes before to learn of the bombing. Walden was deserted today. Parking seemed to offer no choice: pay $15 for a non-MA parking ticket or worry about the consequence! So it made the visit all the more dear. Stopped at Thoreau’s cabin site to pay my respects. Some 170 years ago, we might have had a chat had I been there. Saw one man fishing for trout. Was ready for the car heater & heading home by the time the barn (car) was in sight. Strava shut off for some reason. Perimeter trail was 1.7 and another 0.3 for parking.

Strava had other ideas re time/distance.

Thoreau cabin site

Walden from far end
Last time I was at Walden was to swim the length in full moon light some 5-6 years ago on an August night. Started near here.

Sunday Apr 15 #

Weightexercise workout 45:00 [1]

Cold, gray day, lo 30s, light snow cover. Tough on the emerging green shoots. Saw a lot of robins in spite. Not much inspiration.

Saturday Apr 14 #

2 PM

Hiking 1:43:06 [1] 2.9 mi (35:33 / mi) +69m 33:06 / mi

Beth took me to Ordway for an O walk back. That end has been changed and changed, logged & open in ways so distant from what it was in '06-7. Still sleepy Ordway Cemetery (1834). Saw alot of terrain that made me happy - real forest, nice contours, boulders, water features etc. Met one group of 4 walkers and about 4 dogs. I was off trail, giving the dogs something to bark/growl at. Also met a MBTer, Tom, who was a BOS member & quite tuned in to the forest. Had done some trail work with Bob D. Gray day, rain tonight.

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