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Training Log: Gswede

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Orienteering8 6:25:42 35.78(10:47) 57.59(6:42) 1912184c180.0
  Running7 3:14:41 21.17(9:12) 34.08(5:43) 46758.4
  Circuit Training1 40:0017.0
  Total11 10:20:23 56.96 91.66 2378184c255.4

Tuesday Feb 19 #

10 AM

Running 10:00 [3] 1.63 km (6:09 / km) +43m 5:25 / km

Orienteering 54:28 [4] **** 8.08 km (6:44 / km) +255m 5:49 / km

Star Course in Burgohondo

Since this was a looped course we did this as a mass start. I was alone for most of it, but I did see people out there fairly often. Certainly more often than when I'm back home.

Failed to keep a solid bearing on several of these legs. Switching between the two terrain types -- the open, relatively fast, gentle hillsides to the reentrants and spurs with dense bushy vegetation and cliffs--was really difficult for me. I struggled to quickly change my approach to each.
2 PM

Orienteering 1:07:10 [3] **** 6.47 km (10:23 / km) +316m 8:20 / km

Downhill Middle on the Burgohondo Campo de Futbol map

I DNFed the middle here last year. So I was happy to get back to it.

We did these as intervals first, but the goal was to stay relaxed physically, but have 100% technical focus. I was able to hold it together for the first half, but after 15 I started to fall apart. Feeling tired. Time to sleep :)

Monday Feb 18 #

9 AM

Orienteering 36:23 [3] *** 6.08 km (5:59 / km) +181m 5:13 / km

Hoyo de Pinares Middle. Really fun area. It was also quite easy because I wasn't pushing at race pace.

Also, here's an interview I did for a blog called Medal Zone:
3 PM

Orienteering 52:46 [3] **** 6.46 km (8:10 / km) +201m 7:04 / km

Middle at San Martín Norte.

Really tough area, both physically and technically. I struggled to make sense of the area around 4. But apparently I did find the feature, just didn't see the tape. Also MPed 8 because I found another tape in that area. Oh well.

For me, most of this training was just getting out to finish a course here after my last race on this map was unfortunately interrupted.

7 PM

Running 10:00 [3] 1.59 km (6:19 / km) +34m 5:42 / km

Orienteering 38:54 [3] **** 5.69 km (6:50 / km) +213m 5:46 / km

Almorox Night-O

It's been almost four years since the last time I was in this area. Really fun forest. Very fast, but still plenty of interesting rock detail. Still, too easy for daytime orienteering, so a night course was perfect.

This is a new map and I wasn't 100% convinced. There were some areas of sketchy vegetation mapping, particularly around 14. But it was still good enough for some solid training.

Running 5:01 [3] 0.63 km (7:56 / km) +11m 7:17 / km

Sunday Feb 17 #

11 AM

Running 10:00 [3] 1.94 km (5:10 / km) +17m 4:57 / km

Orienteering 1:21:46 [4] *** 12.63 km (6:28 / km) +540m 5:20 / km

MOM Long

Was still recovering from the time change. I felt pretty toast by 7, which is why I decided to take the trail. But the fastest route there was straight. No use crying over spilled milk.

Apart from that, it went pretty well. I was just dragging my body through the course. It's frustrating to perform at a lower level of fitness than I know I'm at. But that's how it goes. Just have to focus on resting properly during this camp.

Saturday Feb 16 #

11 AM

Running 15:14 [3] 3.12 km (4:53 / km) +27m 4:41 / km

Orienteering 33:49 [4] *** 7.07 km (4:47 / km) +144m 4:21 / km

MOM Middle. Nothing too crazy, it was just difficult to get back to precise map-reading and competition speed initially. But that's part of the point of this trip. So I'm glad that I had a chance to get back to that.

A significant mistake on 1 and 5, losing about 1m10s total between the two. Then a bit of uncertainty on 15 meant that I ran slower than competition pace.

Running 9:26 [3] 1.22 km (7:44 / km) +29m 6:54 / km

4 PM

Running 15:00 [3] 2.79 km (5:23 / km) +59m 4:52 / km

Orienteering 20:26 [5] ** 5.11 km (4:00 / km) +61m 3:47 / km

MOM Sprint

A bit easy to be honest, but there was also a miscommunication between the organizers and the course setters. The course setters thought the map was at 1:4,000 when it was in fact at 1:5,000. So the 3.7k became 5k. Even so, I was pretty slow. No surprise there when I can't do intervals consistently at home.

Running 10:00 [3] 1.55 km (6:27 / km) +33m 5:51 / km

Friday Feb 15 #

9 AM

Running 50:00 [3] 8.59 km (5:49 / km) +108m 5:28 / km

Morning shakeout through CDC with Juanma. It was good to catch up.

Thursday Feb 14 #

8 AM

Circuit Training 40:00 intensity: (10:00 @2) + (10:00 @3) + (20:00 @4)

7 PM

Running 1:00:00 [3] 11.03 km (5:26 / km) +105m 5:12 / km

Dragging behind Melanie as she pushed the pace around Casa de Campo.

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Rough Translation of some good advice received in Spain.

1. Your SELF-ESTEEM does not matter to others, only your results. Value your effort whenever you do things well and whatever the result may be.
2. If you make a MISTAKE of any type, it is not anyone else’s fault, only yours. Learn from them and apply what you have learned.
3. FOCUS ON THE TASK AT HAND, not on the result. If you improve these tasks, the results will come by themselves.
4. The relationship between training and results is not always fair. GET USED TO IT.
5. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE anyone. Everyone can beat you.
6. If you always do the same thing, you will make the same mistakes. DO NOT STOP LEARNING, EVEN WHEN YOU WIN.
7. Always do your own orienteering in races. DO NOT THINK ABOUT OTHERS.
8. You are the one who best knows how to do your best. SELF-CONFIDENCE.
9. You must always THINK POSITIVELY.
10. Have fun training and competing. MOTIVATION is fundamental.

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