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Training Log: vmeyer

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 4:08:43 9.28(26:48) 14.93(16:39) 413
  Biking2 2:48:02 31.67(5:18) 50.97(3:18) 486
  Swimming2 1:31:04 0.85 1.37
  Walking2 41:05 2.44(16:50) 3.93(10:28) 67
  Total7 9:08:54 44.24 71.19 966
averages - weight:195.8lbs

Saturday Jan 21 #

7 AM

Biking 1:46:32 [1] 20.03 mi (5:19 / mi) +276m 5:06 / mi
ahr:165 max:194 weight:194lbs

Gloomy morning with heavy fog, enough to mist up my glasses, but the perfect time and almost perfect temperature (~47 F) for a ride. Toes and thumbs did get chilly about halfway through when the moisture soaked through, but it wasn't too bad.

Friday Jan 20 #

12 PM


Have added Exteme-O in rough format. Lots of pictures and some text...may add more text later.

Some random thoughts from the weekend

GAOC volunteers– still the best! They know how to do things right, year in and year out. Did not hear nary a complaint all weekend.

Many thanks to Mike Minium for taking so many photos and getting them posted so quickly. I used a bunch of them in my Extreme-O report.

Kia Soul – nice car to drive, with good sight lines. Kept me safe until about 2 minutes from the rental return, when I almost clobbered someone changing lanes.

Great hotel – quiet, convenient. Though, what’s with the rice on the breakfast buffet? Kia and Hyundai influence? Wished it was oatmeal or grits instead.

Waffle House!! For a post Extreme-O feast. I ate ALL but the toast…you probably know what was in the To-Go cup.
4 PM

Swimming 1:00:00 [1]

An hour of pool running, freestyle, treading water, underwater swimming, etc. Lap lanes crowded, so I hung in the tank instead.

A weird feeling day.

Thursday Jan 19 #


11 AM: Added maps and a little more detail for first three races.
Noon: How many photos in a race report, for a race which lasted under three hours, is too many? Stay tuned for the answer.
4 PM

Biking 29:28 [1] 5.25 mi (5:37 / mi) +139m 5:11 / mi
ahr:100 max:136

Biking 32:02 [1] 6.39 mi (5:01 / mi) +72m 4:51 / mi
ahr:102 max:133

Wednesday Jan 18 #

10 AM


I am working on my Mal Harding Extreme-O report, but in the meantime, here is a pre-test:

Question 1:
As with any newly formed team, the team roles needed to be sorted out. It was quickly established that Valerie would not be the Navigator. Why?
A. Valerie was the team photographer.
B. Valerie left her compass in the car.
C. Paul and Dave read Valerie's AP log.
D. Possibly, all of the above.

Question 2:
About halfway through the race, the team was given a raw egg to carry to the end of the course. A broken egg would result in a 5 minute penalty. Which of the following is False? [Oops - I think there are two False answers.]
A. Valerie tripped and almost broke the egg within 60 seconds of receipt.
B. Valerie wrapped the egg in neon pink duct tape to keep it safe.
C. After stashing the egg in Paul's pack for "safe" keeping, the egg was likely broken when the pack was tossed in the row boat.
D. The egg wasn't broken.

Question 3:
Valerie achieved her goal of:
A. Getting her feet wet.
B. Getting wet up to her thighs.
C. Getting wet up to her neck.
D. Getting wet as often as possible.
E. All of the above.

Question 4:
One team member had to pee in the woods. It was Valerie.
True or False?

Question 5:
Cadets on Team Red Bull passed Team Shorter Bus (average age 58.67) at least three different times. Who finished first?
A. Team Red Bull
B. Team Shorter Bus
11 AM

Swimming 31:04 [1] 0.85 mi (36:33 / mi)
ahr:101 max:124 weight:198lbs

An easy swim to stretch out other parts of the body.

I was taking a picture of the tree because there was a squirrel up there near its nest making a racket. I will post the video, if I can figure it out...

But, when I looked at the picture, I thought, what a beautiful day it is.

Tuesday Jan 17 #

4 PM

Walking 31:05 [1] 2.0 mi (15:32 / mi)
ahr:99 max:134 weight:194lbs

Walk around the loop at work on a misty but comfortable afternoon. Just a little something to get the blood moving after a long day of sitting.

Monday Jan 16 #

9 AM

Orienteering race 2:44:33 [3] *** 6.73 mi (24:27 / mi) +258m 21:51 / mi
ahr:121 max:178

After a decent night’s sleep, and breakfast at the hotel, and a great big Aleve, I decided that I would be able to toe the line for the Mal Harding Extreme-O. It was the event I look forward to the most when I come to Georgia, so I wasn’t going to miss it, if I could help it.


My map pieces got soaked when I got wet, so I don’t have them to post.

Valerie, Dave, and Paul – ready to go.

A chill start – Trysons, Frosts, and Dave

As mentioned elsewhere, I realized that I had forgotten my compass on the way to #1, so I settled into the role of team photographer.

S-1 4:13 - 473: Footbridge – map snippet

1-2 3:39 - 474: Ditch junction – xxx meters on x azimuth?

At #2, we were fortunate enough to pick up Red Mal to carry with us to the next control.

2-3 9:30 - 475: Hilltop – plot on 1:24,000 map?

On the way to #3, we all randomly noticed this tree and no one knew what it was. The first of its kind I saw all weekend…

We dropped off Red Mal so that he could hitch a ride on the next team through.

3-4 4:31 - 476: Footbridge

Team Red Bull caught and passed us between 4 and 5 – just a blur:

4-5 9:52 - 477: Man-made structure

5-6 6:10 - 478: Depression /clearing – E side

Two controls later, here comes TRB again:

And, the junior team from OCIN:

6-7 7:25 - 450: Between boulders

Paul and Dave nailed this one, getting us there just ahead of the junior team.

7-8 12:57 - 487: Trail – NE end

I guess this was the King of the Mountain leg of sorts. Long, long, long. Team Red Bull took the trail and were out of sight quickly.

We climbed steadily to the road.

And, then the control.


8-9 3:05 - 485: ET has a problem here

Had to decipher some written Morse code which said to Follow Power Line North.

9-10 2:29 - 457: Building – N side

We were issued a raw egg which was to be carried to the end. I initially thought it was to be carried to the next control only.

After first loudly declaring that "I was in charge of the egg", I quickly tripped. I decided that it would be safer in the side pocket of Dave's pack instead.

Paul with his back to the power line leg.

10-11 4:44 - 458: power line - bend

11-12 5:36 - 459: Rootstock

Team Yellow Pants

Maksim Popov/Bulat Sagdullin running down the hill towards the pool.

12-13 3:55 - 604: The _____ Pool

13-14 7:29 - 489: Ditch junction

14-15 4:59 - 483: Culvert

15-16 4:20 - 484: Spur

Picked up Green Mal for the next stage of his journey.

16-17 4:18 - 460: Pit

Dropped off Green Mal in the pit.

17-18 4:28 - 461: Culvert

Blue Mal joined our team for a climb to the next control

18-19 11:56 – 462: Hilltop

Reconvened with Team Red Bull

Blue Mal was left to be one with the control.

19-20 4:34 – 463: Spur

20-21 6:47 – 464: Hilltop

Dave and Paul powering up the hill

21-22 2:56 – 465: Dirt bank
Bob T directing the rope climb.




23-23 9:40 – 466: Lake – NE side

For this control, we had to use photos to piece together the route. I, retrospect, we should have just bombed down to the lake, but where was the fun in that?!

Dave looking over the photos.

Chuck welcoming our team to the lake.

23-24 2:08 – 467: Copse – N side

We had to row (paddle) the boat to the little island. The boat was tethered, and the boat would reach the island in a thorny area, or just reach, but someone had to get out of the boat and hold it. Besides being in front, I was also the one who wanted to get wet, and the timing was good since we were near the end of the race. So, out I went, taking one for the team.

Yes, Paul, you might want to sit down.

24-25 8:43 – 497: Building – N side

Then, we had to head back off of the island via the ropes.



And, Valerie, deciding that more adventure was called for, and after being egged on by the massive crowds, screaming, Do it! Do it! Do it!

Happy to make it safely! Well, maybe just happy to be wet up to my neck. Goal achieved!

I preferred my method to this one by the juniors who followed…because, I would have probably fallen in anyway, and hey, getting wet was my main race goal, after finishing in one piece.

The juniors made it over with a cracked egg, but it stayed intact to the end, whereas our egg was soundly smashed when Dave threw his pack into the boat.

25-26 2:50 – 472: Bridge

Since I was already wet, I got to do the rest of the tasks, while the guys stayed dry. They weren’t complaining, and neither was I.

26-27 1:37 – 470: Stream junction

Down the wash, step by step, to the stream.

27-28 3:20 – 490: Man-made cave

Yes, it is in there.

28-29 1:07 – 486: To Amazing finish
10 controls in the maze. Thanks to Janet for taking the pictures.

29-F 6:03 – Total time was 2:44, with about 25 minutes of stoppage time. I measured about 8.7km on the straight line. Advertised as 9-10km with 250 m of climb, which was just 8 less than the climb the garmin recorded.

When Dave asked me if I wanted to go out with them, I told him that I was concerned that I would hold them up. He said they would probably jog some in the beginning, and then get slower from there. I thought, good, I’ll try to keep up, and then I usually get stronger, so I should be ok. By the end of the race, our team name could have changed to “What?! We’re really going to run again?!”, and it wasn’t me saying it. Good fun with these guys, who at some point stopped trying to correct me when I called them the wrong name. Thank you, Dave and Paul! Let's do it again sometime!

Many thanks to Joey Ciza of VOC, and all of his volunteers from VOC, QOC and GAOC. This was a fun event, with just the right amount of difficulty, especially for the fourth event of the weekend, and with needing to travel home the same day. I plan to add the GNC/Extreme-O weekend back on my schedule, if health and fitness allows.

P.S. Teams Red Bull and Yellow Pants both finished ahead of us. Oh, and it wasn’t me who had to pee during the race…likely, a new record.

Sunday Jan 15 #

10 AM

Walking 10:00 [1] 0.44 mi (22:44 / mi) +67m 15:25 / mi
ahr:110 max:129

Walk to start.

Arrived bright and early (6:45 am) to assist with results setup with the hopes of getting a start before 9 am, instead of my assigned start of 11:21. Well, a change had been made at the end of the day yesterday which prevented the two laptops from communicating with each other. By the time that was resolved it was too late to start early, so I took my time getting to the start. Sat with Martha a while, “helping”, and then took the 10:55 start slot.

Orienteering race (Brown) 1:24:10 [3] *** 4.1 km (20:32 / km) +155m 17:16 / km
ahr:126 max:162

FR = 3.87 miles with 201 m climb


A little flustered at the start because the obvious route choice was back through the start, or at least climbing the short steep embankment out of the start to the road. I hate doing stuff in front of people, but I sucked it up, rolled my eyes at Sam, and then I went to the road. Clean from S-1-2-3, and while I didn’t nail 4, I knew where I was when I made the choice to go left. I felt like I was in between, and it was a toss-up which direction the reentrant was in. In retrospect, I was right on line. About 4 minutes lost.

Motoring along well from 5-6, and then the first 2/3 of 6-7, when I lost concentration and 20 minutes. Gathered myself once I was able to relocate from the rocks on the hill next to the trail, and finally found 7. Clean the rest of the way in. I think if I could ever have one control back, it would be this one. Likely a case of this disappointment being fresher in my mind than past disappointments…


Second to Barb in F55 for the second day, and overall, and 22/55 on Brown for Day 2, and overall 20/60. I’ll take it, and anything really is a win after the last few difficult years, but my competitive side wishes I was a wee bit higher up the list.

Dinner was carry out from Pizza Villa, where I asked for light on the sauce, and it was perfect! Cookies at the hotel for desert. Yum!

Day 3 of 4 in the bank, except a little more broken...blister on the bottom of the right heel and right big toe. Black shoes worked better, but the socks I wore were too loose. I has pulled something below my right ankle when I stepped into a hole. Also, a side branch poked me in the left shim, and I have a nice hematoma and bruising. Debating whether to go out tomorrow or not.

I was invited to join with Dave Webber of UNO HVO, and Paul Regan of UNO, formerly of HVO, for the Extreme-O tomorrow. I think they are afraid to let me go out by myself. :) For whatever reason they took pity on me, I appreciate it, because going with someone should be more fun than going solo. I don't want to hold them up though, which I would feel like I would do even if I wasn't a bit beat up. I guess I'll see how I feel in the morning.

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