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Training Log: Cristina

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Orienteering2 2:20:01 7.25(19:19) 11.67(12:00) 29128c405.2
  Strength/Core4 1:35:00240.0
  Running2 49:13 3.99(12:19) 6.43(7:39) 6089.5
  Stretching/Yoga3 26:0026.0
  Total7 5:10:14 11.24 18.1 35128c760.7
  [1-5]7 5:09:33

Wednesday Apr 25 #

8 PM

Stretching/Yoga (LMLS) 6:00 [1]

Running (trail) 39:13 intensity: (13 @0) + (10:08 @1) + (27:15 @2) + (1:37 @3) 4.71 km (8:19 / km) +60m 7:50 / km
ahr:150 max:171 shoes: Alex (TrailTalon 275)

Strength/Core (SAM) 10:00 [2]

Tuesday Apr 24 #


NSK teams for Tiomila. Our first men's team and first youth team are especially strong contenders. First women's team is also good, of course, but not at 100% capacity. Or maybe I should say it's at >100% capacity.

I'm running leg 3 for NSK4. It is long (10.9km) so I will need to continuously remind myself that these are Swedish km and not Norwegian km. And pack gu.
10 PM

Stretching/Yoga 8:00 [1]

Monday Apr 23 #


My thoughts on AZ's passing: Fuck.

Canada and the global orienteering community are so lucky to have had Adrian. We will never again see his infectious smile, or witness his amazing knack for organizing in action, or get new tips on awesome O photography. But we can all try to emulate these qualities of his and continue to make the world a bit better, just like he did.
1 PM

Strength/Core 1:00:00 [3]

Gym with Amir. All lower body stuff today, with some bonus rounds of running up the stairs two-at-a-time. We did Romanian deadlifts but with the same weight as last time, which only made me a bit sore, so I think I'll be pretty decent tomorrow. It's working!

Sunday Apr 22 #

12 PM

Running warm up/down (road) 10:00 [2] 1.71 km (5:50 / km)
shoes: Eton & Eccles (O-Roc 280)

Orienteering race 1:00:20 intensity: (27 @0) + (2:11 @1) + (21:16 @2) + (31:27 @3) + (4:43 @4) + (16 @5) ***** 4.77 km (12:39 / km) +42m 12:07 / km
ahr:164 max:187 15c shoes: Eton & Eccles (O-Roc 280)

Lørdagskjappen (on a random søndag, because snow) D35


This was good terrain, tough technically and physically and also fun (most of the time). Some of the WOC2019 terrain is adjacent so I imagine it is pretty similar. It will be great. It's the kind of stuff where the currently elite orienteers manage to have good speed (6:30min/km for the top men, 7:30 or 8 for the women) but a lot of normally very good women were not able to crack 10:00 min/km.

I had a very good start, felt energetic and I was orienteering as if I were a little dot on the map, with a few hooks. A bit hesitant on the log leg to 5 but I nailed it. And then very hesitant to 6 even though I was right where I needed to be and just needed to continue a bit. Then 7 was good, but not completely sharp to 8 and made a small parallel error at the end that I was thankfully quick to correct, so it just looks like another hook. Good to 9, starting to really slow to 10 and another hook. Ok but not great.

And then I think my lack of fitness and woods running fitness specifically really got to me. Very slow picking my way down to 11 and supremely indecisive going to 12 and 13. Even the last control had me confused, probably would have run extra had there not been a stream of people going directly to it. Sheesh.

Lukas and Melissa cheered for me on the run in but we did not share cake today as he was way too interested in playing with all the fun things in the arena. Beautiful, sunny day, we were all exhausted when we got home.
7 PM

Strength/Core 15:00 [2]


Stretching/Yoga 12:00 [1]

Saturday Apr 21 #

Strength/Core 10:00 [1]


Friday Apr 20 #

6 PM

Orienteering 1:19:41 intensity: (1 @0) + (5:12 @1) + (16:50 @2) + (35:19 @3) + (10:28 @4) + (11:51 @5) **** 6.9 km (11:33 / km) +249m 9:47 / km
ahr:168 max:198 13c shoes: Montalbano (O-Roc 280)

Tiomila selection race. No way we could run this up in NSK-land (still 50cm of snow in much of the forest) but there was basically snow-free terrain just south of the city and on the water at Ingjerstrand. Unfortunately our driver took a costly wrong turn on the way and we pulled into the parking lot just a few minutes before the start.

Mass start with urettferdig gafling and with 30 starters it did have a bit of relay feel. The run to the start triangle was 600m up (seriously) a trail. I think I would lag behind most of the field on such a run anyway, but with sore legs and no warmup I was soon one of the very last. I wasn't too worried since I knew my competition would not be able to keep it up too long.

Found them all again in the area of the first control as it seemed like almost all of us with my forking missed the control and were totally confused. Someone found it, we all punched, and off we were. Sort of like a reset of the start.

Back and forth with the others at basically my level until I got into a bit of a groove, dropped some people, passed the others, and reached the "arena passage" alone, with the group behind me. I thought I was home free for the last loop but they all (5) reappeared and passed or caught me just before punching the penultimate control. I managed to push a bit at the end to finish ahead of them, a small victory considering I was 33 minutes slower than the winner, baby-bump Hausken.

There were a few legs where I was reading often and had very good control and really felt like I was orienteering. And a few where I clearly wasn't, especially in the final approach. If I can focus on the former I can have a solid run at Tiomila.

Splits (common controls)

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