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Training Log: tRicky

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Road bike4 6:45:15 118.52(17.5/h) 190.74(28.2/h) 1142
  Mountain bike3 5:11:10 50.44(9.7/h) 81.18(15.7/h) 574
  Core stability4 1:37:15
  Random carp1 1:00:00
  Total12 14:33:40 168.96 271.91 1716

Friday Dec 15 #

10 AM

Mountain bike 56:13 intensity: (54:34 @1) + (1:39 @2) 18.13 km (19.4 kph) +37m
ahr:94 max:131 shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

I wanted to get up to the hills today but the left hamstring is still giving me grief so I settled for a ride around the suburbs on the MTB and struggled just to do that. Glad I didn't waste time and fuel on a pointless trip.
4 PM

Core stability (core strength) 29:30 [2]
shoes: Fletch's Tevas

Thursday Dec 14 #

10 AM

Mountain bike (commute) 19:45 [1] 7.37 km (22.4 kph) +22m
shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Ride out to Ranford to fieldcheck CP locations. Left hamstring is still particularly sore so I didn't want to do any real training today. Even though the event's not until Jan 6, I need to get the maps printed before Christmas because the printer is closed for two weeks.

Last night I'd been going through deleting files from my 'downloaded' folder (it was getting quite big) and was racking my brain trying to recall what the CVC splits related to. By sheer coincidence on my ride out to Ranford today I passed right by Canning Vale College and it all fell into place!

Mountain bike 1:41:03 [1] 11.87 km (7.0 kph) +15m
shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Enjoyable ride around the Ranford map. There are some nice CP locations I have in store for participants (if anyone shows up given it's the first event of the new year and people will be away/uninterested/asleep). Of course it wouldn't be a tRicky event without a part of the map being torn up by roadworkers (all along Ranford Rd) and towards the end I found further construction works in one of the parks. At least neither of these should affect too much.

Mountain bike (commute) 21:49 [1] 8.18 km (22.5 kph) +2m
shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Only had the one motorist being an idiot at a roundabout on the way home, overtaking extremely slowly within 20m of it and then stopping whilst I edged past and kept going, meaning I got to hold him or her up when he or she attempted to turn left just a bit further down the road. Why bother passing me if you're just going to stop and wait for the zero traffic that's approaching the intersection?
1 PM

Road bike (commute) 11:11 [1] 4.54 km (24.4 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

Ride to and from the physio. The wind had picked up since this morning so it was a bit of a slog to get out there.

Wednesday Dec 13 #

9 AM

Road bike 2:32:32 intensity: (1:43:02 @1) + (39:27 @2) + (10:03 @3) 71.55 km (28.1 kph) +263m
ahr:113 max:151 shoes: Trek Madone 5.9

My legs were feeling pretty tired from last night's many short sprints, particularly the left hamstring (tight) and both quads. Lower back was also particularly sore so I guess going for the diving lunge wasn't a good idea. Given I ripped my current training session from last year and it has me doing a stair race and a 12hr rogaine this weekend (I'm not doing either) and consequently four days of recovery rides, I just made up my own session for today bearing in mind I'd probably struggle to do anything significant so I decided to ride the B loop along Roe & Tonkin Hwys, the Midland train line, river, freeway and back to Roe and do as well as I could on a 4 x 15/5 E2 interval session.

The session itself was a failure given I spent almost bang on ten minutes (out of the required 60) in E2 - the legs just refused to work - and even the route sucked with the section of path between Bayswater station and Tonkin Hwy closed (I knew this in advance but there were detour signs in place although after the third sign I failed to find the next one and ended up having to make my own way there - I presume I was meant to take the path through to Memorial Dr but this wasn't apparent). I did get to finally ride the new bit of path next to Bayswater station but even that was awful, first up having to negotiate my way around a family of three taking up the entire path then sidestepping a woman walking towards me on the wrong side of the path. By the time I got to the fourth rep my legs were so tired that I couldn't even manage to hold E1 (E1 has a lower end of 124bpm and my average for that 15 minute block was 124bpm).

Funny thing about notices for roadworks is that they haven't been at all accurate of late. The sign at the south end of the Narrows bridge has been proclaiming for the past week that the cycle path on the west side of the bridge would be closed on 11-12 Dec. It was quite clearly open yesterday when I rode across it but closed today. The sign for the Nicholson Rd bridge also presently states that the expected completion date for works is "late 2017" and yet I received an email this week telling me the cycle path would be closed from Dec 15 through to April 2018 so I'm assuming the bridge won't actually be completed by the end of this year (amazingly there was also a sign up last week saying that section of road would be closed last weekend and yet it wasn't).

I found other random workers on various sections of the path, including a group clearing a tree from the path just north of the Farrington junction. There was a woman stop sign holder at the northern end of those works and as I passed her male counterpart at the southern end, I heard him apparently asking her out over the radio (the part of the conversation I heard went along the lines of "So are you busy tonight?" - I didn't hang around for the response) I presume if two sign holders get into a relationship then they can't have kids because one of them would always be putting a stop to it.
7 PM

Core stability 21:30 [3]

As per Sunday's weight session but increased each rep by two. Thought my lower back might cause issues but got through it. Will see if it settles down tomorrow.

Tuesday Dec 12 #

5 AM

Road bike 3:05:26 intensity: (1:39:40 @1) + (1:00:58 @2) + (20:44 @3) + (4:04 @4) 90.97 km (29.4 kph) +817m
ahr:123 max:171 shoes: Trek Madone 5.9

KP with the usual crew. With the ATTA time trial on Lovekin we improvised once more and did the same circuit as a fortnight ago although Mark bailed on the last loop. I once again didn't lead at all and the one time I did get near the front, I jarred my knee over an unexpected bump and had a minor twinge go up my leg so even though I was about to take over, I ended up falling off the back. Still don't have the power to lead up the hills and Christophe put Ben and I to shame on the final climb up Forrest Dr.

There were a few spots of rain about on the ride in and I was actually wishing for a day like yesterday - I was on the Trek after all! - but there wasn't a lot of water around, just enough to make the roads a tiny bit slippery until it dried out a half hour later.

Stopped in at Shenton Park to drop off some O gear to be distributed to various people tonight then despite telling R&N that I'd have a headwind on the way home, I was blessed with a tailwind, at least until I got to Vic Park by which point my direction had changed enough so that it was no longer helping.
7 PM

Random carp 1:00:00 [3]
shoes: Salomon Fellraiser black/blue

Tonight was our last session for the year (actually for quite some time for me, hopefully) so we wrapped up the year with games - ultimate frisbee, touch football and ye olde British bulldogs, followed by 43 pizzas... of course. Given what I put my knee through tonight, I reckon it's about ready for anything most things. Actually the last round of BB I was a chaser and made a diving lunge to catch one of the few remaining participants who was trying to sprint around me (I got him) but landed on my knee and it held up fine but I distinctly felt the internal wire push out into my flesh (it may come out bruised tomorrow) so I'll be having a chat with the surgeon next week about getting them removed. I'm hoping he can do it soonish and that it's a short recovery as I'd like to get it done before I go away for many months next year (here's hoping). Shame the appointment isn't this week as I have nothing on now for the next six weeks so the sooner the better. It may also be that I have to defer it to May if I can't get it done now.

Monday Dec 11 #

8 AM

Road bike 56:06 intensity: (50:42 @1) + (3:42 @2) + (1:28 @3) + (14 @4) 23.67 km (25.3 kph) +62m
ahr:109 max:171 shoes: Giant TCR

Pre-breakfast recovery ride. I read somewhere that riding before breakfast helps the body use up fat reserves, which may come in useful during races if your energy supply runs low so I gave it a try. Plus it is also used to help lose weight and I'm really fat so I needed that more. After getting home I looked this up and apparently exercising before breakfast has more benefit to weight loss than exercising afterwards but I didn't totally trust the study because the post-breakfast exercise group was given sports drinks to consume during exercise whereas the pre-breakfast exercise group only had water so right there is one big problem with the control groups. Plus I read a different report that totally contradicted the first study, stating that not eating prior to exercise eats into your muscle mass rather than fat reserves so I really have no idea what to believe.

Felt a bit weak on the ride but it was only recovery pace so didn't really bother me. Traffic on the other hand was bothersome. When turning left from Ranford onto Lake Rd I had a car towing a trailer pull up next to me as I was approaching the roundabout and fortunately for me I was turning left because the car also decided to turn left without either giving way to the cyclist that was there before it or indicating so that could have ended in disaster (for me) if I'd been going straight.

Not far down Lake Rd I got to witness a different car t-boning a car driving happily along Lake Rd - when I say witness, I actually mean I heard it and looked up in time to see both a front and rear bumper sliding across the road. I didn't stop for that because I didn't actually see what happened and a driver turning off Lake Rd would have had a better view as it was now blocked by one of the wrecked cars as well as various car pieces (my assumption was that the car turning off the side street was trying to beat the turning car but totally misjudged the car driving along the through road).

Third non-incident was when traveling along Corfield St I had a car turn across in front of me from the opposite direction and the passenger must have been worried because she gave me a 'sorry' hand wave. As far as I was concerned there was no incident given I didn't have to brake or stop pedaling and I missed the car by a good 10m without having to take evasive action so no harm done.
4 PM

Core stability 23:15 [1]
shoes: Fletch's Tevas


Sunday Dec 10 #

10 AM

Mountain bike intervals 1:52:20 intensity: (20:00 @1) + (52:20 @2) + (40:00 @4) 35.62 km (19.0 kph) +498m
shoes: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er

Went a bit further afield today to Langford Park, given I haven't been up to the hills this week I figured I could allow the extra petrol. Plus Langford Park is easier to do intervals east of Nettleton.

Since my HRM was still in Tash's car (hence why I didn't wear it yesterday), today's 5 x 8/4 race pace I just had to motivate myself to go hard on the effort reps whereas normally the Garmin is beeping at me to tell me to try harder. Since my legs weren't overly tired by the end I'm not sure if it worked but I feel as though I tried. Cut the extra distance from today given it was already over 30 degrees when I started the ride and hadn't gotten any cooler while I was out there.

Langford Park can't have been totally forgotten (if the number of riders down there was any indication then it has been) given there's a tree down across Woodleys Loop but someone's made a new track around it and it's not a shoddy job either.
5 PM

Core stability 23:00 [3]

Just a weights session today, made slightly more difficult near the end when Tash came out to ogle me. Similar to the last session but increased the reps slightly (rather than the weight) and added in tricep curls.

Shoulder press 42-37-32-27-22 (15kg + bar)
Upright rows 32-27-22-17-12 (15kg + bar)
Bicep curls 22-17-12-7-2 (10kg + bar)
Tricep curls 22-17-12-7-2 (7.5kg)

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