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Training Log: maprunner

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  orienteer3 2:23:33 2.98 4.8 111
  weights2 45:00
  jog/walk2 42:00
  yoga1 30:00
  sprint drills1 20:00
  aerobics1 20:00
  Nordic track1 20:00
  erg1 15:00
  Total9 5:35:33 2.98 4.8 111

Tuesday Jan 23 #

Nordic track 20:00 [2]

Monday Jan 22 #

sprint drills (stretch) 20:00 [1]

Sunday Jan 21 #

12 PM

orienteer 15:00 [1]

Second "Orienteering for Women" session today. We had 10 women show up, including 4 KU students. One of the them had orienteered in school when she lived in France as a child and she convinced her friends to come. Glad that Sandy and Sandy could help. We gave instructions on the map and compass, then walked to a few controls.
1 PM

orienteer 1:00:00 [2]

Then I went out to Woodridge to check a few points for my courses next weekend. I took it easy and enjoyed hiking through the woods on a beautiful warm day. Looked at the lake, animal tracks in the mud and eagles in the sky.

Saturday Jan 20 #

10 AM

jog/walk warm up/down 12:00 [3]

11 AM

orienteer 1 [3] +29m

orienteer 1:08:32 [3] 4.8 km (14:17 / km) +81m 13:10 / km

PTOC event at Landahl

I'm treating all local events as practice sessions this winter. And based on some things I've read, I decided to "push the boundaries" and train at the edge today. That meant I pushed myself to run as much as possible, or at least keep moving, and see what happened. I had to walk through the crappy woods some times, but I ran on trails and through fields.

I discovered right away that I get sloppy and I made a 90 error on the way to 1. I also discovered that I can only plan or think about one thing at a time. And that I couldn't read well on the run. I never felt in control today. Not good.

Fortunately the navigation was easy. I would never get away with this in a technical area.

Weather was about 8c and overcast. The streams were still frozen. The top two inches of ground had thawed, leaving some mud on top of frozen ground. All together, really slick conditions for getting up and down the steep stream banks today. I started cursing at the 4th crossing. By the 6th, I was really frustrated. Spent a lot of time on my butt and hands/knees. I did not enjoy this course today.

I also had issues with my Garmin accidentally turning off several times today (I think my bent wrist hit the stop button) so I only captured part of my track.

Friday Jan 19 #

aerobics 20:00 [1]

erg 15:00 [2]

weights 15:00 [1]

Worked at home today, which allowed me to exercise at different times throughout the day.

We have a steep, north-facing driveway. Last weekend, it snowed while we were in GA. It melted a bit, then froze (before we got home). And temps stayed below freezing all week. For the first time since we lived here, we couldn't get our cars up the driveway. We also had to park on the street because the contractors had taken over the garage. I felt sorry for the guys because they couldn't drive their gear up to the house.

But today we finally got some warm temps, so I went out and chopped up the ice and cleared the driveway. Yeah!

Thursday Jan 18 #

5 PM

jog/walk 30:00 [3]

quick run around Holcom to enjoy the warmer temps and the pretty sunset

Wednesday Jan 17 #

weights 30:00 [3]

yoga 30:00 [1]

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