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Training Log: Russ

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Easy5 3:52:11 27.72(8:22) 44.62(5:12) 362
  Session2 1:25:48 11.82(7:16) 19.02(4:31) 138
  Exercises1 30:00
  Total7 5:47:59 39.54 63.64 500

Saturday May 25 #

3 PM

Easy 41:54 [3] 5.11 mi (8:12 / mi)
ahr:146 max:189

Friday May 24 #

11 AM

Session (30min Hilly Tempo + wu/cd) 53:43 [4] 7.31 mi (7:21 / mi) +137m 6:57 / mi
ahr:155 max:168

Bit concerned how my legs would feel running after the physio yesterday, felt ok during the warm up so cracked on. Aimed for 3 loops of the bottom section of HH with a short 0.5 mile climb then a 0.5 mile decent. Ran past the turn off the main trail on the first lap so ended up continuing up the hill and then running down between the two golf courses. Quite a rocky path so for the first part of the down hill difficult to keep the pace up but was fine when i got onto the road. Onto to the second lap and ran the incline well, remembered to turn right this time for the short loop, really struggled with the third loop incline and felt like i was going backwards but was able to recover on the downhill then push on towards the end to complete the loop in the 30mins.

Quite liked the shorter lap so that I had less time going downhill to recover before the next climb. 4.29 miles covered in the 30mins so about 7min/mile avg pace. Not quite the target pace of 6:40 as I thought I'd be able to average close over the ups and down, but a tough wee session. Run up and back to the office as wu/cd.


1st attempt at the Hilly Tempo session.
Looked at two options for the route up at HH
Two laps, it's basically a mile of climbing then a mile of descending, wanted to make sure it was a shorter downhill, maybe use this for a longer hilly tempo?

Went with option 2 using the lower section of HH with a shorter lap aiming for 3 laps, assuming it's hilly enough?

Thursday May 23 #

6 AM

Easy (Easy 7 + Strides) 1:09:35 [3] 8.11 mi (8:35 / mi) +112m 8:14 / mi
ahr:140 max:163

Coffee but no breakfast before run. Up and round HH to work with small backpack. Easy pace with the first 3 and a bit miles of climbing. Felt pretty good this morning, let fly on the strides and it felt good to be moving quick.

Hip seems to have settled down and no issue with knee
3 PM


Sports Physio Appointment. Helen thought that after some poking and proding that quad tightness was the cause of the knee issue. Helen then proceeded to knock the living daylights out of my quads and calfs. Right calf quite painful when worked on, she also spent some time working on hip flexibility. I struggle to get rid of the lumps on my quads so Helen also did some gua sha scraping on my quads, legs felt great afterwards! She's threatened cupping for the next visit if i don't get rid of the lumpy quads

Wednesday May 22 #

12 PM

Easy 43:50 [2] 5.35 mi (8:12 / mi) +87m 7:48 / mi
ahr:140 max:186

Standard lap of HH, chucking it with rain, affa muddy. Bit more positive today, hip a little stiff at the start but eased by the end of the first mile. Legs felt not too bad after yesterdays session and the exercises last night.

Tuesday May 21 #

12 PM

Easy 17:01 [3] 2.02 mi (8:25 / mi) +77m 7:32 / mi
ahr:158 max:184

Session (7x3min (90s)) 32:05 [4] 4.51 mi (7:07 / mi) +2m 7:06 / mi
ahr:159 max:166

Struggling to be positive about this one. Felt quite slugglish on the warm up and hoped that I would improve when I got to the crem and spent a minute collecting my thoughts before starting the session.

Started a bit quick effort wise for the first two reps plus recoveries and paid for it for by the end. Heading from the HH turn point towards the Crem was into the breeze so the odd reps were a bit tougher. Probably should have done this session on the DSL rather than making it harder up at HH.

Rep Rec 90s pace
1 6:16 /mi 7:21 /mi
2 6:25 /mi 8:32 /mi
3 6:27 /mi 7:35 /mi
4 6:33 /mi 10:09 /mi
5 6:47 /mi 7:53 /mi
6 6:32 /mi 10:11 /mi
7 6:57 /mi 8:46 /mi

Left knee felt ok but lower back felt stiff and I felt a bit heavy. After being positive about my hip it also stiffened up too. Looking forward to Helen waving her magic wand on Thursday, I shouldn't have left it this long.

Easy 16:39 [3] 2.11 mi (7:54 / mi)
ahr:135 max:148

6 PM

Exercises 30:00 [3]

Left knee has been fine the past few days and I've probably been a bit over cautious for over a week by not doing the exercises. Bit annoyed that my right hip got sore today because i'd not been doing them so thought i'd run through the exercises and modify if required
2x15 squats, 3x10 single leg glute thrusts (not raised), 2x12 assisted single legs dips, 3x30s arm drills. substituted side planks for normal planks and core work. Hamstrings a bit sore on the glute thrusts otherwise fine.

Monday May 20 #

12 PM

Easy (Easy 4 + 6x15s Hills) 43:12 [3] 5.02 mi (8:36 / mi) +86m 8:10 / mi
ahr:135 max:150

Left knee still a bit of an issue but felt fine during the during. Easy up towards HH then back to do the short hill strides on Viewfield. Hill reps good although not quite as fast as the previous attempts as I was taking a little longer to cover the same distance.

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