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Training Log: Heidistolberger

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running4 3:03:29 20.38(9:00) 32.8(5:36) 910
  Orienteering1 2:01:00 6.46(18:43) 10.4(11:38) 250
  Total5 5:04:29 26.84(11:21) 43.2(7:03) 1160
averages - sleep:9.1 rhr:52

Saturday Apr 21 #

Orienteering long (Riverhead Långpass ) 2:01:00 [3] 10.4 km (11:38 / km) +250m 10:23 / km
ahr:152 max:188 rhr:57 slept:8.0

Friday Apr 20 #

Running warm up/down 16:21 [3] 3.2 km (5:07 / km)
ahr:150 max:170 rhr:51 slept:8.5

Warm up with strides and drills - 6.10 minutes and 1.2km
5 x 100m sprints with 100m jog - 4.55 minutes and 1km
Warm down for the rest of the time - 5.15 minutes and 1km
Aim of the sprints was to get my style going and get some short bursts of speed.
Felt pretty relaxed for most of it.

Running tempo (3k Time trial) 12:28 [5] 3.0 km (4:09 / km)
ahr:172 max:194 rhr:51 slept:8.5

Was a bit disappointed in the time as I was feeling pretty fit, but I guess the speed has just dropped a bit since I've been focusing more on the strength and endurance rather than the shorter speed sessions.
5 seconds slower than the last one I did so it still wasn't as bad as it could have been.
On the positive side, the pacing was much more even this time around (4.00, 4.04, 4.05 - based off watch so slightly different to the time as GPS always adds an extra 100m to the distance)
Felt pretty relaxed in the body but just couldn't put in that bit of speed I needed.
Was maybe a little dehydrated as well.

Wednesday Apr 18 #

Running (Easy 60 minutes) 1:03:00 [3] 11.1 km (5:41 / km) +280m 5:02 / km
ahr:162 max:180 rhr:49 slept:7.0

Was aiming to do 90 minutes but kept getting a bad stitch and legs were pretty painful from yesterday so cut it short.
Added a few hills in along the way.

Tuesday Apr 17 #

Running hills (Mr Eden) 1:08:00 [4] 10.4 km (6:32 / km) +550m 5:10 / km
ahr:172 max:188 rhr:49 slept:7.5

Legs were pretty dead today so it was more about just not stopping even though I really wanted to.
Tried to take the trails and straight up the side as much as possible to avoid the concrete and simulate more terrain type running. Had a few trees to jump over around the lower tracks.
1 x up lovers lane.
1 x up road/mt eden
1 x straight up the side/mt eden
1 x around the trail till it hit the road then up the road/mt eden
1 x up the road and then on to a trail part way up to reach the top/mt eden.
Lots of stairs in the last one too.

Monday Apr 16 #

rhr:55 slept:3.0

Had 2 big assignments due in today so only got about 3 hours sleep last night. Woke up early to finish them this morning and was stressed and running late so didn't have time to pack any food. Went without food from 5.30am until I got home at around 2.30pm but got everything handed in finally and can relax for a few days before the next stress filled weeks start.
Got home and had a 30 minute nap, before going on a run so head was a little bit out of it all.

Running 23:40 [3] 5.1 km (4:38 / km) +80m 4:18 / km
ahr:172 max:190 rhr:55 slept:3.0

Went out for a short, quick run around the local streets.
My area isn't particularly hilly but there are a few gradual climbs that when going at a steady to fast pace can be quite annoying, so I tried to go up all of these.
Tried going at a pace that I was able to keep somewhat comfortably but still got me breathing heavily and allowed me to feel like I was actually doing something which I needed after last weeks low training performance.
Legs got a bit tired towards the end and head was a bit fuzzy likely from lack of sleep but it was nice to be able to release all the stress building up.

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