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Training Log: KFish

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 1:59:16 9.5(12:33) 15.29(7:48) 60456c
  Hiking2 1:34:16 5.01(18:49) 8.06(11:42) 100
  Road Running1 1:07:03 6.13(10:56) 9.86(6:48) 297
  Total4 4:40:35 20.64(13:36) 33.22(8:27) 100156c

Tuesday Aug 15 #

7 PM

Orienteering 1:28:12 [3] *** 6.83 mi (12:55 / mi) +396m 10:57 / mi
41c shoes: Solomon Vario

Council Crest Urban (do it yourself) Score O (90 min)

I had Sydney plan me a route to hit all of them and try to put a few interesting route choices in. This time I walked from hotel to start (1.3 mi uphill) in part to save some legs and in part to burn off the double brie burger I ate for lunch without puking.

This course was in probably one of the ritzyest neighborhoods in portland, some really amazing houses and views out to Mt Adams and Mt Hood. Undulating hills and sneaky staircases and trails that connect parallel roads, some of which are well hidden.

Started off pretty rough as I bobbled the first CP and then the second CPs answer did not have the correct choice available, making me triple check my location. I made my worst mistake 3 controls later at 11. After trecking up the stairs to count the landings, i decended and took of down the road. Lulckily i checked my compass or I would have ketp going. Turns out I needed to be at hte top of the stairs and going the opposite way, so had tro trek back up. After that it got better, aside for a few that I couldnt find the plaque/sign/bench I was supposed to answer a question about.

I took it easy (re: burger + tired legs from yesterday), but kept up a steady pace. Its hard to juggle a map folded into a sandwhich baggy, A pen + MC sheet, my phone in case i get lost or hurt, and a compass, so answer the questions often took a few seconds longer than punching a flag would. Even without that the nav was trickier than it might appear, because with the hills you cant see more than a block at a time so you need to be very diligent about keeping track of your position.

Once I started getting towards the south of the map it was obvious that I wasnt going to clear it. I took a breif off-the -clock break in Cascade Park to enjoy the view and replan a little better than I had on the fly.

In the end I hit 41/50 CP for 45/58 points in 1:28. My legs are quite sore, but my knees held up which is what I was most worried about.

Can view map here:

My route: 2, 3, 4, 13, 11, 12, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 30, 35, 34, 37, 38, 41, 40, 39, 21, 22, 23, 25, 24, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 28, 27, 19, 20, 18, 16, 15, 14, 1

Monday Aug 14 #

8 PM

Road Running 35:08 [4] 3.22 mi (10:55 / mi) +260m 8:43 / mi
shoes: Solomon Vario

Following google maps on the phone from hotel to permanent course start.

Sydney: "Is portland hilly?"
Kevin: "Im not sure, all i can see is buildings"
Kevin 35:08 later: "Yup, hilly"

Orienteering 31:04 [4] 2.67 mi (11:38 / mi) +208m 9:22 / mi
15c shoes: Solomon Vario

Permanent course at Hoyt Arboretum by CROC. Instead of control markers it had MC questions to answer at each CP. Not my favorite, but great that they make it work instead of not having it at all, so I'll take it!

Course notes said to stay on trails, so it had an urban sprint feel. I started getting pretty winded around control 6, and bobbled 7 and 13. It was hard to read all the trails at speed, and the hills were just killing me. Prologue to pittsburgh!

Really fun course and the park was just beautiful. Only saw a handful of people too.

you can look at the map here:


Road Running 31:55 [2] 2.91 mi (10:58 / mi) +37m 10:33 / mi
shoes: Solomon Vario

A slow trot back. I was afraid my phone was going to die so i took the most straightforward path that I thought I could remember the whole way. Also tried to take it slow to minimize impact on the downhills since i havent been road running much.

Sunday Aug 13 #

12 PM

Hiking 1:05:00 [2] 3.46 mi (18:47 / mi) +63m 17:47 / mi
shoes: Solomon Vario

Morning hike to Hand lake. Mostly looking for something to warm us up before heading out. It was still cloudy and smokey so that precluded anything with great views, so we did this from our campsite. It did pass through much variety of terrain - forest, meadow, beach, so that was kind of cool, but nothing overly exciting.

9 PM

Hiking 29:16 [1] 1.55 mi (18:53 / mi) +37m 17:35 / mi

logging this even though it was a walk cuz I had to carry my electronic laden backpack plus a duffle with 2 weeks worth of clothes, so it felt like real exercise

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