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Training Log: Mark3

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running - Offroad3 5:35:57 30.31(11:05) 48.78(6:53) 1839
  Running - Road/Track1 1:36:13 11.5(8:22) 18.51(5:12) 269
  Total4 7:12:10 41.81(10:20) 67.29(6:25) 2109

Tuesday Feb 18 #


Hadn't planned for a rest day but just cba to go out and run slowly. Already started cooking dinner before I realised that just going for a run on my own was an option... Now it's too late; two elderflower and pear cheesecakes say so.
Will go out tomorrow and Thursday, though.

Monday Feb 17 #

6 PM

Running - Road/Track (MaccH A/B Group) 1:36:13 [3] 18.51 km (5:12 / km) +269m 4:51 / km
ahr:145 max:163 shoes: Pegasus 35 (white)

Expected rain which didn't happen, but two layers still an appropriate choice.
Big group where the front was pretty fast, so tried to spend a bit of time there so people were still feeling challenged #runleader
More sedate nearer the back, so some looping.
Then 7 A Group went for a longer route, extra mile or so and more climb, pace was fast until we caught the main group up again.
Good fun, nice eve, ludicrous volume (70 last week) doesn't seem to have had an adverse effect which is great.

Sunday Feb 16 #

10 AM

Running - Offroad (Edale skyline) 3:55:24 [3] 31.91 km (7:23 / km) +1356m 6:05 / km

Probably the last run in the September 2012 (!!!) yellow mudclaws today.
They've lasted pretty well, right? But the soles are detaching themselves, and they've already been glued multiple times. RIP.

Everything cancelled today due to Storm Dennis. So dreams of a HM pb will have remain dreams for a bit longer unfortunately.

Instead, Edale Skyline race with N. Started from Mam Tor and did the loop; didn't feel the need to go down into Edale, so 2k shorter and a few hundred meters less ascent. Nice first half to Win Hill, didn't get a good line up the steep bit, looks like going way over to the right on the trod looks better and then cutting up last minute, since that's grassy rather than heather. Tried going the north way of Win Hill but I reckon that's slower even if it is slightly shorter; path isn't very good and getting to it relies on remembering which bits of burnt heather are the right ones. Think I'll be sticking to the path as per last year.

Swapped windproof for coat going up the ridge as it started raining and hailing and wind. Pretty grim getting hit in the face by 50mph hail and we decided we'd cut it short and go down into Edale - but after about another 30s it stopped and began to look ok again, so we changed our minds. From that point right until really near the end it was just windy, no more precipitation.

Missed the nice race trod to the left of all the rocks; must remember that for race day. Couldn't remember the slabs going on for quite as long as they did! Great descent back down to Mam Tor though. Really nice route actually, enjoyed it, good views everywhere. Glad we started when we did though as looking back over to the other side, it was closing in rapidly.

Feeling alright after this 70m week; hopefully it's making up for three lack of anything really long.

Saturday Feb 15 #

8 AM

Running - Offroad (Run with Emma) 1:03:32 [2] 8.66 km (7:20 / km) +233m 6:28 / km
ahr:125 max:157 shoes: Hoka Mafete 2

Kinda wanted to do a parkrun given cancellation of everything else, but didn't get to bed until 1am, and Emma fancied a run and I wasn't going to miss out on date #1.5.

Good fun in the mud and rain, and good chat during/afterwards :)

Friday Feb 14 #

7 PM

Running - Offroad race (Mr Sparkle's Dark 'Un) 37:01 [5] 8.22 km (4:30 / km) +251m 3:55 / km
ahr:151 max:166 shoes: Mudclaw 275 (blk)

3rd :-)

Really mild night. Very fast downhill start, but wet rocky path made for a bit of danger. 4th from the start and into 3rd just before the end of the first. Out onto the moor, the top 2 were so far ahead I couldn't see their torches. Climb seemed ok, all runnable, and route was well signed and marshalled. Nice to be holding the map to know what was going on though! Fast along the top with the occasional knee deep step to contend with. Nice downhill finish, very runnable. Fire at the end was a nice touch.

Hung around for ages for the prize giving and came away with a fetching purple hat. There were chip butties too, which was a nice touch. Would do the race again; worth the hour drive from work. Late night though!

Celebrated with 6 crumpets and 6 different types of cheese, and some dried sausage with truffles #Waitrose.

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