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Training Log: Ari-o

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Run4 3:11:28 23.3(8:13) 37.5(5:06) 442
  Ski2 2:30:05 22.7(6:37) 36.53(4:07) 785
  Core1 12:24
  Total6 5:53:57 46.0 74.03 1227

Monday Feb 17 #


Here's what not being in grad school and falling and busting your face will do:

Feb 1-17, 2020:

21h of training, 5459m climb, 123 mi ski, 45 mi run.

Feb 1-28, 2019:

19h of training, 4490m climb, 136 mi ski, 22 mi run.

I'll add at absolute very least 31 miles to the ski total for this month. #BirkieFever
10 AM

Ski 1:39:27 [1] 14.0 mi (7:06 / mi) +656m 6:12 / mi

Up to Dublin with my parents. I suggested Green's or Oak Hill, they countered with Windblown, I said eff Windblown and we compromised with Dublin. Which is always a good decision.

Conditions were superb. Well-packed, fast except in a few sunny areas, full coverage. Also I forgot my poles. Which might be good for my hands, but was pretty dump, but it was superhero skiing so pretty fast even no poles.

I told my parents they could probably ski down to the store and I would meet them there, but I'd check that it was groomed, so I set to cross the road and do so. Whee down the hill, and yup, ski to the store. Then back, also with no poles. Saw some Harvard skiers out enjoying the day. With poles.

Then back up, and then up the road to the view point, and down, and around the race course and the top bits and down, and then around the race course again. Caught one edge on one of the fun downhill turns and sort of slid down and skidded for a bit; like a speedskater crashing.

And these are basically the upcoming Birkie conditions and I am very okay with this!

Sunday Feb 16 #

8 AM

Run 38:34 [1] 4.8 mi (8:02 / mi) +66m 7:42 / mi

Slightly longer run today, down along the river into the wind, then back along the park. Tapering for Birkie, but still getting some running in. Right now sleep > training. After the Birkie several weeks of training > sleep (although sleep still important).

Saturday Feb 15 #

7 AM

Run 26:00 [1] 3.2 mi (8:07 / mi) +59m 7:41 / mi

Was informed by my mom that we had to leave for the Bar Mitzvah earlier than planned, which may have been my fault since I joked to the rabbi that my mother was never late so she wanted to prove me right (the joke is … she is not never late).

So … I had a pretty short run. Also it was cold. 5x30s pickups, mostly to stay warm.

Friday Feb 14 #

6 AM

Run 3:02 [1] 0.3 mi (10:06 / mi)

Picked a hotel well. 10 minute walk to the training, and then right on the 8th Avenue Line for a trip up to 135th and St Nick for the November Project.

Got on a A train, still running local, but at 59th a D train appeared, so I had time to get off at 125th and rather than wait for the same A train I had been on, shuffle up to NP, arriving early!

Run 13:27 [1] 1.0 mi (13:27 / mi) +94m 10:25 / mi

The running up and down a hill part of NP

Core 12:24 [1]

NP core things

Run 1:57 [1] 0.2 mi (9:45 / mi) +13m 8:07 / mi

A little more NP running.

Run 38:35 [1] 4.9 mi (7:52 / mi) +70m 7:32 / mi

Run home after NP, or at least back to the hotel. Lovely morning through the park getting a couple of miles in.

Thursday Feb 13 #

7 AM

Run 1:09:53 [1] 8.9 mi (7:51 / mi) +140m 7:29 / mi

Got in to NYC last night too late to go for a run in the dark, but woke up early and got a nice run in the morning, between rain, too. Up the river, then over to the park, and down the park. Ran Mile 25 faster than in November.

Got passed by one guy wearing magic Nike shoes on a training run, uh, dude, you know those cost you $1 per mile. (My $40 pro deal trail runners which I'm hoping to get to 2000 miles will cost 2 cents.)

Tuesday Feb 11 #

6 PM

Ski 16:26 [1] 2.4 mi (6:51 / mi) +35m 6:33 / mi

Pre-worlds, super slushy, and some gray ice water locations. They'll patch it again this weekend I guess.

Slow, and my legs were tired/sore. Some no pole.

Ski 15:38 [1] 2.4 mi (6:31 / mi) +35m 6:14 / mi

Chatty cool down, skis slower than most everyone else.

Ski 18:34 [4] 3.9 mi (4:46 / mi) +59m 4:33 / mi

Oh Worlds was a struggle today. My skis were not fast. Of course, I didn't wax them, and there was a lot of post-race discussion about wax. Well, then.

Got dropped off the lead pack pretty quickly, and then the chase pack, and then was with the big second chase pack, desperately trying to hang on the downhills. I was working hard per HRM (seems to need to be strapped quite tight and still gives off some garbage, especially when running) but could barely break off. Finally on the 4th lap I attacked the group and got into No Man's Land, almost caught the pair of skiers ahead but had burned too many matches and would have had to catch them on the last uphill and then passed them because my skis were not winning a sprint.

Hopefully the Birkie isn't transformed slush mashed potatoes (unlikely!) and then the week after my skis may well have Birkie magic on the bases.

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