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Training Log: BrandNewMe

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Trail running2 1:21:45 8.78(9:19) 14.13(5:47)
  Orienteering - race2 1:04:45 7.49(8:39) 12.05(5:22)
  Road running2 59:15 7.23(8:12) 11.64(5:06)
  XC / road / hill race1 31:47 4.36(7:17) 7.02(4:32)
  Total6 3:57:32 27.86(8:32) 44.84(5:18)

Saturday Jan 21 #

10 AM

XC / road / hill race 31:47 [3] 4.36 mi (7:17 / mi)

Devils burden hill race - leg 1

I was a bit frustrated by my choice of shoes. they seem to have tarmacked the last 1 mile of this leg since I last ran this race (10 years ago). I brought hobbs, and my kicking about in trainers. I got a stress fracture once from running downhill for a few miles on tarmac in dobbs, so trainers it was. I wasn't as mad for it as I could have been, but still, no dropping out as the trotettes would have killed me. It was only really annoying for 500m or so at the start. These trainers also don't like me running in them as they cramp my feet, so it all got a bit painful from halfway onwards. Anyway, dug in and ran as hard as possible. I think I got what I could out of me.

My legs really suffer on the hills now I don't cycle commute. Noticeable on hill races.

HBT ladies were 1st, men were 2nd to Shetts.
2 PM

Orienteering - race 46:33 [3] 5.34 mi (8:43 / mi)

EUOC big weekend

Women vets course. (hahahahahahah!).

Quick nip back to Edi for the big weekend urban. Started ok, but the wheels fell off around number 5-ish, with a long way to go. I went Cowgate on the long leg which was quite shit, not least as every time I looked at the map I couldn't help but toy with dropping out, so I didn't really feel so committed into going hell for leather away from the finish. As Graeme said, knowledge of the terrain helped in the hard to see bits. I saw Rog staggering up the Royal Mile (he ran the much longer leg 2 at DB) and knew how he felt. Managed to scrape my first W40 victory! Nice! I see from winsplits that MC skipped 7-13, reinforcing my belief that she is the cleverest person I know.

Lozza did great on M10, and lucy had such an exciting run around with our neighbour that her wobbly tooth fell out.

Friday Jan 20 #

7 PM

Road running 18:00 [3] 2.0 mi (9:00 / mi)

KB and back

Orienteering - race 18:12 [3] 2.15 mi (8:28 / mi)

Woke up this morning full of fake flu. It has been a while since I have had this, but everything aches, shivers, stuffy head, full on crap. I had to go to work today for a training course or I would have got into so much shit. Shower, paracetamol, etc etc and I feel ok. Feeling better during the day too, so I was ok to turn up to the FWTN. Devil's burden tomorrow for a v good trotette team, so only the short course and only jogging, but you've seen all of the highlights of KB in 18mins anyway. Lots of questionable route choice decisions made, mainly cause i was too lazy to concentrate, but it was a pleasant enough outing, and I think I just about beat Megan brown (W14).

Thursday Jan 19 #

Trail running 14:01 [3] 1.56 mi (8:59 / mi)

Got up early, as going to go for a nice run to work but ended up getting delayed by children... frustrating. Only had time to run straight to work. Stuck in work all day on a training course and home alone all evening so no other chance.

Wednesday Jan 18 #

Trail running 1:07:44 [3] 7.22 mi (9:23 / mi)

Trotettes. Jog to Lucy's, jog around Blackford, jog home. V nice. Lots of chat.

Monday Jan 16 #

12 PM

Road running 41:15 [3] 5.23 mi (7:53 / mi)

home from work via Harrison Park, Myreside, Astley Ainsley and Cameron toll. Fun. Feeling much better today

Sunday Jan 15 #


Lucy's birthday party. The most stressful 2 hours of the year by a long way. She spends ages organising the theme, food, costume, games and cake etc, and expects us to provide the entertainment.

I got up at 1:30am feeling ill again :-( Good time to fine tune the games though. The theme was a superhero training school, so we tested their sensory skills (blind man's buff), ability in leaving coded messages (forfeits were written in balloons blown up then knocked around before the child chose one to pop, and did the forfeit), shooting accuracy (nerf guns at one end of the room, teddies on a box on the other, how many can you hit), hunting skills (hunt the thimble theme), athleticism (wafting a paper superhero around the dining room with a rolled up paper) and ability to bake snacks (gingerbread). highlights were blind mans buff and nerf/teddy shooting practice, lowlights were when half of the forfeits that they designed involved taking their cloths off - not something you want to see. Ray and I were left so shellshocked with exhaustion I was in bed by 7:45. never again.

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