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Training Log: BrandNewMe

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering - race3 2:33:15 16.43(9:20) 26.44(5:48)
  Orienteering - training1 53:00 3.07(17:16) 4.94(10:44)
  Total4 3:26:15 19.5(10:35) 31.38(6:34)

Thursday Apr 25 #

4 PM

Orienteering - training 53:00 [3] 3.07 mi (17:16 / mi)

Feeling ashamed that our kids never get any Orienteering instruction whatsoever, I took Laurence out at Dalkeith country park. We did some controls that looked at significant trees, contours, form lines and dot knolls, and practiced taking bearings and doing sightings from them etc. Then went to the cafe. The pace was nice and manageable in my ill state. Lucy is at school camp.

Tuesday Apr 23 #


Ill. Some sort of fever & aches shite.

Monday Apr 22 #

Orienteering - race 29:09 [3] 3.27 mi (8:55 / mi)

JK relays w120+ class

I was first leg, with Jane Ackland and Lorna following. In the start box were Megan C-D (men’s short) Sarah, Jenny and Rachael. Not such a fan of 1st leg, but we needed to be away promptly so it made sense. Everyone caned it off, esp as we start with the M18-ish relay and men’s short. It’s really crowded, and I hang back as per, but the forest was nice so moving through was easy. Confused by having a much longer gaffle than most others to number 1. Sarah had it too, tho I had stopped to check while she ran on and got a lead. Chased her down to 2. Sarah Rollins is a really classy orienteer. Consistent, reliable, and very very fast, and it’s her home terrain. So I felt really very let down when she stuffed up number 2 big time! Come on Sarah - I expect better things from you! We maybe dropped 90secs.

I pulled ahead a bit after that, as I felt surprisingly sprightly, and managed to claw back Jenny at 7, and Rache at about 10. Now I was with Tune’s bloke from Stavanger, who stayed with me until the end. He was quite a good pace, and it was a fun head to head.

Cracking relay area with great planning. I came back first old lady, and Jane maintained the lead. Kim chased Lorna down on last leg and got her I think. I don’t know the results for sure, but who does?

I was disqualified again at the finish, but I still had my back up emitag from the day before and knew the back up had punched properly so was reinstated. The control that did not work was 2, and I actually hit the emitag to the sensor box thingy, which makes you think it really should have worked.

Sunday Apr 21 #

1 PM

Orienteering - race 1:28:00 [3] 9.16 mi (9:36 / mi)

JK long (W21e)

JK long was long. Very long (I ran 9.16 miles!). And hot. Very hot. And I got tired, very tired.

Lots of small and or silly mistakes, and one very big very silly mistake.

1 - a bit high, 20 secs. Then nailed 2-6. Went straight from 6 cause the forest was nice. Got a bit offline though and got really confused. Was left of the line when I can’t out of the green and hit the track. The heavily hatched bit was open felled, and it didn’t fit the open areas on the map at all. Jogged East on the track for a bit, saw the property and relocated. D’oh. 1min?

7-8 straight, fine. 8-9 went right which I think was the best route, but made me miss the drinks. I don’t really like that planning, where they say the drinks point will be 1/3 round and 2/3rds, then best route misses one. 9-10 I went straight which I thought was the best route, but dropped time in the circle. 1 min at least.

10-11 getting hot here, walking up the hill. 12 got to the circle well then got slightly offline and ended up punching 13 first. 14 fine and 15. 16 there was an unmapped green blob just before the control which was v confusing. 45 secs?

17 - long leg. Aimed right, but didn’t see the path through the houses and hacked through the wood. Got on the road here. Then came off the road before the oob field near 10, running with Chloe Potter and Sarah Jones here. Sarah took a wrong path heading off east instead of North. Chloe and I took a wrong path, also running off the map, for about 500m. Then I realised something was wrong. Chloe disappeared off. I backtracked to the map, and took the correct path. An extra k was not what I wanted here. Disheartened! Saw no one else the rest of the course, and was tired and not terribly inspired. Not great to 26 and dropped about 90secs at 27 by not thinking and taking the wrong path.

Too tired (from unfitness and the heat) to think properly today. 11+ mins of mistakes today. Not a great run. Chuffed to survive. I need to do more long training to run well in this sort of stuff. Inspired a bit I think.

P.S. one punch missing today, but I got reinstated cause it was on the back up. And I wouldn’t have been if I was a punter and only had one emitag.

Saturday Apr 20 #

12 PM

Orienteering - race 36:06 [3] 4.0 mi (9:02 / mi)

JK middle. W21e

It was hot today, so I used that as my excuse to skip a warm up. CBA. Got to the start. Both Emitags worked on the first check, get descriptions, then at poss -2 there was another check. One emitag failed. I fail to get stressed or even remotely nervous about races these days so I was ridiculously laid back about it. The starters were v nice about it too. Get sorted after a few mins faff. Start time missed. Asked to check the start list to see where I can find a gap. I am sure there are some bit gaps, but late start guy said I would have to start in a 30 sec gap. Was pretty nervous that there were some people on my course 30secs either side of me. Not fun for me. Didn’t really know when I was starting, so asked the guy, who told me 10secs ago. So I set off v flustered and a bit stressed. Didn’t really know where the start kite was. Confused - thoughts everywhere on the way to number1. Didn’t know if I was supposed to have punched the start. Should I go back? Oh f.

So not really going smoothly or with any sort of focus for the first bit. I wasn’t great at all. Finding them, but not with any urgency or flow. It was crappy underfoot down to 4, and couldn’t really be bothered to attack. Punted in the general direction to 5 and 6, 6-7-8 was crappy underfoot, and I was hot and tired. Ran down to the in between canal and railway going to 9 - doh.

Fought the tiredness a bit to 9 and 10, crappy underfoot to 11, 12, 13, 14. Ran past 163 (15) cause it was basically on the path and thought it couldn’t be mine. Ran 16-17 straight which was a mistake. The rest was fine. Thought the win would be 30-32 with faster forest later and faster athletes so pleased to do 39:06 and be not far down.

Hope they get my time sorted soon. 8th I think.

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