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Fracture (Hip/Pelvis)

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Average recovery time: 91 days

Recorded Instances

TorziBR-246 daysdetails
Cambas31 daysdetails
gunta42 daysdetails
juliadahl43 daysEfter drygt sex veckor på kryckor och med lite vattenlöpning och rehab började det bli bättre på allvar. Lärdom --> Försök aldrig rulla baklänges på ett par rullskidor.details
O-ing50 daysTimedetails
Ineka58 daysInceased training too fast, problems with hormones affecting bone strength, possible missalignment or instability in pelvis/core area, not enough recovery periods and/or cross training in program. details
Olly109 daysdetails
rloshaw114 daysCombination of over training and calcium deficiency due to gluten intolerance.details
angleman115 daysChanging status. Must proceed with caution, but I am close to out of the woods. A couple more weeks with a restrictor plate, then turning it loose.details
mindsweeper123 daysI have stopped biking on Oak street. It takes me 4-5 minutes longer to get home after interval workouts, but there are fewer cars to worry about. I guess the wisdom here is that being hit by a car sucks regardless of who is at fault.details
redrider182 daysdetails
caoimhe456 daysnot to push it i was trying to walk on in 2 weeks after the accident!! not good the docs told me no differentdetails
Mattyabel61+ daysdetails
easy-rider339+ daysdetails
Bickett1214+ daysdetails