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Stress Fracture (Lower Leg)

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Average recovery time: 109 days

Recorded Instances

Jan Erik Naess3 daysTo small to see on the X-ray, it stopped hurting so I guess it wasn't anything majordetails
sambHCF5 daysDon't run down hill to fastdetails
Rhombus6 daysdetails
Hedis9 daysdetails
jroach13 daysdetails
RimvydasA13 daysdetails
JakeWest20 dayscrutches suck details
mmace37 daysdetails
Zimmers38 daysToo much running... too soon to try and get back in shape. details
AdventureGirl!42 daysdetails
Rhombus42 daysdetails
WileyKyO-T44 daysPool jogging and biking helped recovery and helped me maintain an acceptable level of fitness.details
Grandpa Jameson44 dayslikely a stress reaction. took 18 days off of running. need to really work on ankle mobility.details
FG 46 daysdetails
seanh48 daysdetails
immy49 daysAqua jogging was brilliant and helped me maintain an excellent level of fitness throughout the period when I couldn't run. I came back and felt that my running was stronger than ever. I am still a bit puzzled as to the cause of this injury... I think it was a combination of worn-out shoes, a lack of consistency in my training and general stress. I think I need to monitor the state of my shins by palpation because I didn't have pain in my shins when running leading up to the injury. So I can'...details
runninghils49 daysSuspected cause was excessive long racing with inadequate recovery between Untamed New England and Gold Rush Mother Lode... followed by the Rage and CPT Nationals.details
Tooms53 daysCause - running 7 of 10 days at Easter orienteering carnival in lightweight shoes on too little run training. (guess). Resolution - non-running time. Surprisingly slow recovery.details
Hanabanana54 daysno idea why it happened, but i stopped using my ankle braces and that seemed to help so...details
Anna59 daysdetails
qgillet61 daysrepos et glacedetails
AKey67 daysdetails
Joshosh68 daysLegs different lengthsdetails
Grandpa Jameson69 daysREST. possible caused form changing shoes and running A LOT!details
AmeliaKennedy70 daysNo more pain at fracture site, that is not to say that I'm home free yet, but I'm counting this as recovered and logging shin splints now.details
immy75 daysI guess the volume was just too much for my legs after the last one... In particular, being silly and adding in extra runs because I felt good, and then pushing through a long run when my body was telling me I was too tired. Cross training got me through this one as well - I think my fitness is probably as good as it has ever been to be honest. Maybe that's just wishful thinking...details
WileyKyO-T79 daysUse of crutches and brace necessary; just barely healed in time for SLS (did not let them know this)details
Anna B80 daysdetails
dollymixture80 daysdetails
Zimmers81 daysdetails
bdunn83 daysFinal x-ray yesterday. Doc said he never saw a fracture heal this fast. Leafy greens and acupuncture...details
bun84 daysdetails
Lexlex84 daysdetails
miclaraia91 daysdetails
iansmith92 daysI required about three weeks on crutches and considerable rest from activity to recover. After about four weeks, I started stationary biking and eventually graduated to ellipticals and limited treadmill work. Resuming regular activity took about ten-twelve weeks. Probable cause was excessively rapid build up of training. I consumed lots of calcium, though it's not obvious if that helped.details
immy92 daysCauses: more offroad running on hard tracks with long downhills, not slowing down easy runs enough, predisposition to stress fractures. Recovery plan was the usual but progress was slower than the previous ones... Really need to get to the bottom of this and stop getting stress fractures!details
Bommy T96 daysdetails
Inprin101 daysdetails
Fionabunn101 daysdetails
joch55103 days8/8 - After 6 weeks rest, seems the injury is gone.details
Siggi103 dayslisten to the smallest hints your body gives you - one leg, one foot recovers much slower than the other from a hard training? maybe rest longer, do not train that hard, warm up better recovery - no running, no hard-impact sports at all for a few weeksdetails
cmorse105 daysSeems to be recovered as of 6May, haven't run on it yet, but 50 miles of biking plus plenty of walking on Block Island didn't bother it at all.. So we'll call it recovered and throw caution to the wind at US Champs this weekend.. 2AUG - Finally got ok to run again, but it will be a dreadfully slow return. Plan gets me up to 5km by Oct and a reasonable 30 mpw volume by Christmas...details
itsmartin106 daysdetails
ev112 daysdetails
harley117 daysREST & CRUTCHESdetails
LeanneG121 daysStopping all running helped resolve the pain after about 2 weeks. Gradually started to introduce running after 4 weeks off. I think increase in mileage, on rougher terrain than I was used to, in the Hoka Challenger ATR shoes (not much stability) all contributed. I've switched back to Asics and gradually coming back to running. details
Snuggles131 daysdetails
Tundra/Desert133 daysI closed this out so that it wouldn't show. The 01 December 2007 enddate is a guess.details
Florence135 daysJANINEdetails
McGonagall138 daysFibular stress fracture and edema: Complete rest from April to nowdetails
amandap138 daysWell I took off since October. Xtrained. I'm hoping that the xtraining didn't make it take longer for me to heal but who knows.details
away139 daysdetails
ev143 daysdetails
Rhombus157 daysAccording to physio, increase in mileage may not have been the only problem. Many of my leg muscles (mainly my glutes) were very weak and the way I was running was causing my leg to twist in a strange way. Since my glutes were so weak, they weren't able to counter the twisting, which over a long period of time wrecked my shin.details
Jules163 daysdetails
Jac166 daysÄven skogslöpning ger nötning och slitage och smalbenen är min svagaste länk. Hållbarheten (ben, ligament och senor) ligger efter konditionen. =>Färre långtävlingar. Färre långpass löpning. Fler pass. Mer kvalitet. Mer alternativ träning. Vila minst 1ggr var 7:e dag.details
iansmith180 daysThe only solution seemed to be to rest it. While it was incorrectly diagnosed, fracturing it further was (in hindsight) not a good idea. Recovery time indicates a rough sense of when I was able to train again after the complete fracture of my tibia in August. I suspect the stress fracture would have essentially healed in two to three months. details
amandap230 daysdetails
Jemmerson339 daysdetails
T - runner353 daysdetails
Eco365 daysToo much too fast. Would definitely take a running class if I could start over.details
lillFigge773 daysdetails
veliceraptor83+ daysdetails
Petzel1149+ daysdetails
NTJB2440+ daysdetails
TheCrankyMonkey2618+ daysdetails
LtConspicuous2737+ daysdetails
OLofsson4574+ daysdetails