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Piriformis (Hip/Pelvis)

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Average recovery time: 179 days

Recorded Instances

gogirlgo0 daysIMS really helped. Need to cont to work on glut med strength and core. details
Jaffa Cake2 daysJudithdetails
AndyB3 daysLots of piriformis unique stretches including the one that seemed to work most which was feet shoulder width apart then turning foot inwards with heel still on ground 10 times each side at a timedetails
casser7 daysMassage and stretching - I thinkdetails
D12 daysdetails
D17 daysItb exercises needed at least once a weekdetails
gogirlgo21 dayslumbar traction helped. Most pain relief after GROIN stretches ! (to reduce add/IR forces). Tried acupuncture 2 X. Plus cont strenth almost daily. Adds up details
jillmcg21 daysFeels pretty good now. Stretching daily, strengthening routine a few times a week and foam rolling before/after every run (and on non-run days) is helpingdetails
JoshuaDudley23 daysCause: intense session with too much impact. Also none of my conditioning exercises focused on the piriformis specifically. Therefore it was likely weaker than it should be. Lots of stretching regularly 2x day, a whole range of different exercises but most effective was lie on back bend one leg 90deg, then place opposite foot (twist leg) on other knee, and gently pull twisted leg towards opposite shoulder. Also side raises. And strengthing core helped a lot. details
Teichmann29 days20Stunden skilaufen in der woche sauna und aquajoggendetails
morriam35 daysdetails
lestarlight40 daysdetails
PhilW40 daysRest and stretch/strengthdetails
slangjudoka41 daysTried everything massage, anti-inflammatory drugs, but it seemed like accupuncture worked the best. Still a little tight, but little to no pain when runningdetails
jkudlicka41 daysdetails
Davy47 daysWeinig last meer van, kwam waarschijnlijk door het voetbal. Nu wat vaker krachtoefeningen, waardoor het minder is geworden.details
WandAR49 daysdetails
Mona56 daysBad chairdetails
Haze78 daysdetails
johnd79 daysStrengthening glutes so hamstrings dont take the strain, so it doesnt happen again.details
gogirlgo89 daysdetails
OL181 daysStill not 100%, but not as debilitating as in it's most severe. I imagine it will come back with increased volume.details
FernWerm488 daysI'm going to tentatively call this better. Not 100% recovered, but well on the way.details
AdamB570 daysdetails
ToddO583 daysdetails
OL742 daysJust seemed to go away. No tightness from swinging legs nor stretching. Not entirely sure when it went away but it did.details
OL849 daysFinally got some physio exercises that seem to strengthen the glute med. Also a reduction in running volume from Achilles Tendonosis. This will flare up again in the future, so it's up to me how often I want to do the exercises.details
OJ997 daysVery gradual recovery over many months as the sciatic nerve gradually released from scar tissue. details
marshaf126+ daysdetails
Urban189+ daysdetails
davec309+ daysdetails
Veijo470+ daysdetails
abigail784+ daysdetails
Hobitas974+ dayspoilsis, tempimo pratimai, laikysenos kontrole, koro stiprinimasdetails
fremil1098+ daysdetails
Bomb1121+ daysdetails
Fight1253+ daysdetails
LuT1348+ daysdetails
Jaffa Cake2480+ daysdetails
changetheending2609+ daysdetails
fellmonkey2976+ daysdetails
Browner3635+ daysdetails
hazdog3898+ daysdetails