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Rotator Cuff injury (Shoulder)

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Average recovery time: 176 days

Recorded Instances

rangermike2 daysdetails
hillrepeats7 daysReally stretched and rested it. Did a strength w/o today and it was fine. Hooray.details
tRicky8 daysNo idea. The miracle of healing.details
KariItkonen9 daysdetails
valerio10 daysfew days rest, then slowly running again. Still not perfect, but time will cure :-)details
ginger10 daysContinued light weights and ROM work, along with rest and easy swimming when it was painful.details
riley16 daysJust a supraspinatus partial tear from awkward hard climbing, I should've known better. Rotator cuff exercises would help.details
Nit-A-Nee17 daysdetails
ales.drahokoupil18 daysdetails
mlakelly21 daysPhysical Therapy twice a week for 3 weeks. Cortisone pills for the bursitis. Kayaking in the Desert Winds race certainly caused it to flair up. Need to continue rolling out my shoulder blades and keep the rest of the back muscles loosened up and also strengthen them. Work back up to high mileage in the kayak. details
ginger22 daysdetails
vosvos31 daysdetails
dmast35 daysDoing physical therapy exercises to strengthen my shoulder muscles helped, along with a Cortisone injection to help the inflammation.details
cramptonite36 daysLots of mobility work with lacrosse ball. YTW exercisesdetails
ginger36 daysdetails
tRicky47 daysdetails
Flying Scotsman52 daysStay away from surfing unless I train with weights beforehand.details
hodgepodge52 daysdetails
c.underwood59 daysRestdetails
Fat Rat64 daysdetails
Stryder66 daysBegan jerking with no shoulder paindetails
bendover69 daysosteopath gave me a load of exercises that sorted it out. details
Zin71 daysssdetails
Bigmac74 daysI stoped PT and it feels much better and I have full range of motion back. It still herts some in the AM if I slept on it. Looking back I think to much racquetball and a couple of bad MTB crashes didn't help. Not to mention being almost 43.details
mrmoosehead91 daysRest, steriod injection. details
steveny93 daysdetails
Boltboi112 daysdetails
senex115 daysdetails
AmeliaKennedy127 daysdetails
kyntha157 daysStill was hurting esp down the front side. Got injection at Dr Sept 11, 12details
Joe162 daysdetails
hillrepeats181 daysdetails
O-ing194 daysSlowly got better. Probably not quite right at this time but close (95%)details
Flying Scotsman203 daysdetails
Charlie207 daysI'm putting this down as recovered. It still hurts, and I have to be careful, but I don't think it is likely to get fully better and I'm tired of looking at it on my logdetails
bcvlj210 daysbetter, not gonedetails
Tane217 daysdetails
kadley241 daysDespite 2 of 4 rotator cuff muscles being totally severed, surrounding muscles seem to be picking up the load. Weakness up and out to side is lessening, still about half of L arm. Finally can sleep on R side for awhile.details
mmace252 daysdetails
dersu278 daysdetails
bmay324 daysStill isn't perfect, but calling it "recovered". Can do most anything without any concern. Lifting up and out with my left arm still pretty weak. Summer paddling trips seemed to really build strength and improve my shoulder.details
Charlie354 daysHard to call it a recovery, but I guess it is as good as it's going to get. Maybe at some time pursue a second opinion.details
RASPUTIN362 daysdetails
cfosp1365 daysDo not fall. If fall, roll it. If shit happens, follow doctor's orders. (I did that)details
kyntha403 daysI had surgery 3 months ago. I was surprised at how much pain and limited range of motion I experienced after. But now I feel so much better. I have an occasional stiffness or twang of stiff muscle going down the arm. But my rom is much improved. I did PT for 3 months and mostly just used my left arm for the first 2 months. In the beginning of December the Dr gave me a steroid injection and that broke up alot of the inflamation. After that my strength and rom began to improve. After s...details
Joe432 daysdetails
lost in space453 daysSo long as maintain my weights regime I am probably going to be injury freedetails
DrKeith461 daysPhysio usound injectiondetails
bill_l479 daysdetails
steveny509 daysdetails
Daneo513 daysCaused by having weak back muscles and bad posture. Got exercises to strengthen the rotator cuff and back with has sorted it out.details
RichT598 daysEventually went to Osteopath, Marie-Clare Scragg who combined physical manipulation with acupuncture.details
SwissMiss762+ daysdetails
lcut1326+ daysdetails
rogue1858+ daysdetails
will2442+ daysdetails
Olive2671+ daysdetails
pkenny3333+ daysdetails
sahern3685+ daysdetails
pippi634116+ daysdetails
Chandaka4793+ daysdetails
spray4813+ daysdetails