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Injuries: Mr Wonderful

start end days side area type severity resolution/wisdom
view 5/4/14 6/2/14 29 L Foot Ankle Sprain 2 calling it over, but likely to wear a brace when i think of it
view 9/2/13 9/12/13 10 Lower Leg Shin Splints 1 Try not to force a toe/ball landing, and stretch those overtight calves
view 6/30/13 7/13/13 13 Sick Cold 2 Not enough there to count.
view 1/6/13 2/4/13 29 R Lower Leg Shin Splints 2
view 10/13/12 10/24/12 11 L Knee Patellar tendonitis 1 Too much intensity and volume, esp. with a new seat and switching to clipless. Not quite ready f...
view 6/22/12 6/23/12 1 Sick Other 2
view 2/18/12 2/24/12 6 Sick Cold 4 Probably was a sinus infection, based on the awful teeth pain with head angle change. Voice soun...
view 11/4/11 11/9/11 5 Sick Cold 1 Cough will probably persist for a couple days in the morning, but it shouldn't have much effect o...
view 7/4/11 7/10/11 6 Sick Other 0 annoying, but not hugely impactful to exercise activity

Training Log: Mr Wonderful