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Injuries: Shaun Mc

start end days side area type severity resolution/wisdom
view 10/10/12 10/11/12 1 Sick Other 3 After vomiting all night it has appeared to have left my system. Although it has left me very tir...
view 9/28/12 10/7/12 9 R Foot Other 2 Finish the antibiotics today. They worked quite quickly and I noticed considerable improvement th...
view 3/8/12 2630+ L Lower Leg Shin Splints 2
view 2/13/12 2/18/12 5 R Knee Other 1 A ride on the bike and a few easy days fixed it up pretty quick
view 7/20/11 1/20/12 184 R Knee Ligament tear 4 After extended rest followed by extensive physio and many hours on the bike I finally am strong e...

Training Log: Shaun Mc