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Injuries: hoboGO

start end days side area type severity resolution/wisdom
view 2/4/12 2/16/12 12 L Shoulder Other 1 I have been resting my chest so I am not sure it is all better, but for now I will do dumbbells a...
view 2/16/11 2/19/11 3 Sick Cold 1 rest
view 1/14/11 1/19/11 5 R Other Other 1 Poison Oak; It was at it peaks when I noticed it and I didn't go anything at that time.
view 1/2/11 1/10/11 8 Sick Cold 2 Just let it run it's course.
view 9/28/10 10/1/10 3 R Knee Hyperextension 1 I just rested and cycled some yesterday. Today it was fine for the short test run.
view 9/1/10 9/2/10 1 Other Diarrhea 1 rest

Training Log: hoboGO