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Injuries: broken

start end days side area type severity resolution/wisdom
view 9/9/14 10/29/14 50 Sick Other 3 Not totally recovered, still have the night cough and some lingering asthma
view 12/24/13 1/26/14 33 Head/Neck Concussion 3 can finally exert somewhat without getting a headache. Right eye was affected by the concussion,...
view 2/28/13 5/7/13 68 Head/Neck Concussion 3 Still having vision issues, saw an opthamologist who figured out that the concussion changed my v...
view 10/23/11 11/1/11 9 L Other Other 4 PT twice, sauna daily, ice and something Malcolm gave me and rest which I rarely do...all fixed i...
view 2/20/11 3/26/11 34 R Other Other 4 Just isn't as bad anymore...might be that I'm not using it as much anymore too?
view 10/27/10 11/1/10 5 L Foot Other 4 sauna's helped will come back when it's cold
view 10/6/10 10/11/10 5 Torso Lower Back Pain 4 Still hurts but not like it did before at all or maybe it's just because other stuff hurts more?

Training Log: broken