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Injuries: Toblerone

start end days side area type severity resolution/wisdom
view 10/25/13 11/3/13 9 Sick Cold 3 rest, decongestant (12-hour sudafed)
view 1/3/13 1/12/13 9 Sick Cold 2 time, rest, lots of sudafed, sleeping pills to ensure full night rest
view 9/23/12 9/24/12 1 Sick Other 2
view 9/2/12 9/5/12 3 L Lower Leg Calf Strain 2 massage appt yesterday to break up the junk, wore calf sleeve all day yesterday, all night, all d...
view 9/3/11 9/15/11 12 L Foot Impact wound / trauma 2 just waited it out with no impact activities and now im good to go!
view 5/28/11 6/1/11 4 Sick Cold 3 rested up withe xtra sleep whenevr i could get it.. didnt take long to shake
view 3/15/11 3/17/11 2 L Torso Lower Back Pain 3 After these conditions are gone and after I do my next race, I am going to start training my lowe...
view 2/28/10 6/24/10 116 L Knee Iliotibial Band Syndrome 2 PT ends today. Did a lot of hip and glute strengthening exercises. Switched shoes. MTB helped kee...
view 2/20/10 2/24/10 4 R Knee Other 2 rest, ice, heat, advil, beer, sleep and good to go!
view 2/8/10 2/16/10 8 R Torso Other 2 Aleve, ice, hot tub, beer, 1 day off and massage/myofascial release

Training Log: Toblerone