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Injuries: triple-double

start end days side area type severity resolution/wisdom
view 5/1/12 5/31/12 30 R Upper Leg Hamstring Pain 2 Not sure what caused the strain, but it recovered with no particular therapy or without taking ti...
view 12/11/10 3/2/11 81 R Foot Ankle Sprain 3
view 12/11/10 3/2/11 81 R Lower Leg Fracture 3
view 3/12/09 3/15/09 3 Torso Lower Back Pain 2 improved in 2 days on its own. I avoided doing anything that hurt furing 2 days as much as possib...
view 5/12/08 6/17/08 36 Torso Lower Back Pain 3 I did not do anything in particular to help. It was significantly better after 3 week, but it too...
view 11/18/07 3/15/08 118 Lower Leg Other 2 Continued to run on it. It was aggravated by several days of sustained-intensity runs in a row. O...
view 11/11/07 11/22/07 11 Knee Patellar tendonitis 2 Continued to run on it. Did some icing and ibuprophen, but I think that time did the trick.
view 5/17/07 5/28/07 11 Lower Leg Calf Strain 1 I wonder if I can avoid running hard in non-running shoes with a heavy bag next time?
view 4/2/06 5/12/06 40 L Knee Other 1

Training Log: triple-double