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Injuries: cricketk

start end days side area type severity resolution/wisdom
view 11/6/11 2758+ Head/Neck Other 2
view 1/26/11 5/6/11 100 L Arm Fracture 4 Discharged as RPH Physio outpatient 06 May. Plate and screws installed 25 February. Learnin...
view 9/28/08 11/11/08 44 R Foot Ankle Sprain 2 Stop running when you hear the popping noises of ligaments getting damaged!
view 2/6/08 5/12/11 1191 R Torso Other 4 Calling it recovered. Still can't raise arm to verticall, regardless of orientation at the shoul...
view 12/5/07 11/11/08 342 L Torso Impact wound / trauma 3 Find a physio you trust and like. Mine completely failed to notice that I had broken a rib and w...

Training Log: cricketk