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Injuries: Cookiemonster

start end days side area type severity resolution/wisdom
view 3/2/09 3737+ L Knee Other 3
view 2/8/09 2/14/09 6 Sick Cold 2 I was able to use my commuting sessions as a good gauge of how much it was affecting me without b...
view 2/1/09 2/8/09 7 L Foot Impact wound / trauma 2
view 1/12/09 1/14/09 2 R Foot Other 1 A low impact session on the turbo trainer seemed to help relax the muscles and kept my inner trai...
view 12/1/08 12/6/08 5 Sick Cold 2 Should have let myself recover for longer in the first place.
view 11/23/08 11/29/08 6 Sick Cold 3 Nothing was ultimately going to help this more than time and rest. It was useful to keep cycling ...
view 11/16/08 11/16/08 0 Sick Other 1 Taking Saturday as rest seems to have helped a lot

Training Log: Cookiemonster