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Injuries: j.freshman

start end days side area type severity resolution/wisdom
view 7/13/10 9/18/10 67 R Foot Ankle Sprain 3
view 5/4/10 5/22/10 18 R Lower Leg Achilles Tendonitis 1 season ended and so did my tendonitis, naturally
view 5/1/09 5/6/09 5 L Foot Other 1 i don't know if it's gone or not, but my shinsplints hurt a lot more, so i'm not feeling it eithe...
view 4/25/09 5/2/09 7 R Foot Blisters 2 just covered them, used anti-bacterial stuff, and kept running. now steeplechase doesn't blister ...
view 4/21/09 5/2/09 11 L Foot Blisters 2
view 3/16/09 7/2/09 108 Lower Leg Shin Splints 2 whenever i begin to train hard the pain returns. nothing to do but ice and stretch.
view 3/9/09 5/2/09 54 L Knee Other 1 it still comes back from time to time, but not regularly. no clue what it is.
view 9/18/08 11/17/08 60 R Lower Leg Achilles Tendonitis 4 a few good weeks of solid inactivity will cure a lot
view 9/5/08 11/17/08 73 Lower Leg Shin Splints 2 it's gone away (for now)

Training Log: j.freshman