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Injuries: mattrooke

start end days side area type severity resolution/wisdom
view 2/3/11 2/6/11 3 Sick Other 3 Don't eat
view 9/30/10 10/8/10 8 Sick Cold 2 Still a bit flemy.
view 12/24/09 1/2/10 9 Sick Cold 2 Just dragged on a bit. Still a bit bunged up.
view 12/19/09 5/15/12 878 R Foot Plantar Fasciitis 4 Over 2 years and it might be on the mend. Lots of massaging, stretching and icing seems to have h...
view 10/25/09 10/28/09 3 Sick Other 3 Just rest and sleep. Felt better every day
view 6/27/09 7/2/09 5 Sick Flu 3 Rested for a week and just let my body deal with it. Didn't run too well the weekend after though!
view 4/8/09 4/25/09 17 Foot Ankle Sprain 2 Taped it for the JK which helped a lot. Defo do that in future after an ankle injury. Nice long ...
view 2/24/09 2/26/09 2 Sick Cold 2 took a day off and feeling ok easy run just to get some fresh air today
view 10/20/08 10/23/08 3 Sick Cold 2 Probably picked up something last week, also had a heavy night out which couldn't do my immune sy...

Training Log: mattrooke