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Injuries: dirtmonkey

start end days side area type severity resolution/wisdom
view 4/15/08 5/7/08 22 R Lower Leg Other 3 rest, antiinflams, ice
view 4/6/08 4/12/08 6 Foot Impact wound / trauma 2 haven't lost the nails...yet. But they feel ok to run on! Tender if I touch them but...they don...
view 3/20/08 4/15/08 26 L Foot Other 2 kept shoes off as much as possible, stretched
view 2/20/08 3/12/08 21 Lower Leg Other 1 stretched before/after every run. I just realized on the 9.7 miler that I didn't feel for the fi...
view 2/5/08 2/8/08 3 R Knee Iliotibial Band Syndrome 0 too much time going for the 1/2 marathon in early Jan. especially with all the hill work. Not re...

Training Log: dirtmonkey