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Injuries: fpb

start end days side area type severity resolution/wisdom
view 8/12/13 10/7/13 56 L Torso Lower Back Pain 3 No clue what caused this, but it's obviously a chronic weak spot for me. Other pain in the last 3...
view 7/31/12 8/7/12 7 L Upper Leg Hamstring Pain 1 I guess sprinting really is a whole different sport, one that I'm not necessarily in shape for.
view 6/28/12 7/1/12 3 L Lower Leg Calf Strain 2
view 6/13/12 6/23/12 10 L Lower Leg Calf Strain 3 Able to complete a green course with no problem on 6/23. Still feels stiff, but no pain. I'll bab...
view 5/16/12 5/30/12 14 R Torso Lower Back Pain 2
view 4/12/12 5/13/12 31 R Torso Lower Back Pain 3 Aside from lax warmups, cooldowns and cross-training, I think the main cause was an evening in ea...
view 2/19/11 2/21/11 2 Torso Lower Back Pain 2 Back to 100%. A testament to being in shape.

Training Log: fpb