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Injuries: Jõujõu

start end days side area type severity resolution/wisdom
view 5/17/08 5/25/08 8 Knee Other 3 I think that taking some time off from running and not competing the next day helped a lot to spe...
view 10/20/07 1/27/08 99 L Lower Leg Shin Splints 2
view 7/20/07 7/26/07 6 Head/Neck Impact wound / trauma 3 Won't run head first into trees anymore. For me, recovery meant having the stitches taken out.
view 6/25/07 6/26/07 1 Sick Other 2
view 5/28/07 8/22/07 86 L Upper Leg Impact wound / trauma 4 Wont fall down any hills again. Will insist on doctors being thorough cleaning other wounds. If a...

Training Log: Jõujõu