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Injuries: Valencia

start end days side area type severity resolution/wisdom
view 4/19/09 5/6/09 17 Torso Lower Back Pain 3
view 8/4/08 8/31/08 27 Other Other 2 Saw the doctor. Dr. put me on a couple of new meds. Said this year's grass and pollen counts in...
view 3/14/08 3/17/08 3 L Torso Other 1 Think I passed a stone or something. No pain at all during yesterday's long workout, nothing tod...
view 4/8/07 6/4/07 57 R Knee Iliotibial Band Syndrome 0 After two days of hard work, not so much as a trace of IT band trouble.
view 3/10/07 4/27/07 48 Torso Lower Back Pain 0 My back is basically just stiff some of the time now. My sense is that I suffer from a chronic c...

Training Log: Valencia