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Injuries: cmpbllj

start end days side area type severity resolution/wisdom
view 6/3/11 6/9/11 6 Sick Cold 2 Lingered for a while. Still a little stuffy in the morning, but nothing green is coming out any ...
view 12/26/10 3/22/11 86 Foot Ankle Sprain 3 I did a poor job of rehab on this, although I did a good job of not jumping back into races when ...
view 5/23/09 6/1/09 9 Sick Cold 2 Very wierd lingering sinus infection.
view 3/6/08 3/9/08 3 R Upper Leg Hamstring Pain 2 Skipped a work-out and waited a day past when it felt like it was gone.
view 2/24/08 2/26/08 2 Sick Flu 2

Training Log: cmpbllj