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Injuries: thunderthighs

start end days side area type severity resolution/wisdom
view 10/12/11 2783+ L Lower Leg Achilles Tendonitis 3
view 5/21/07 5/30/07 9 Sick Flu 4 slept mostly and drank loads of water. Tried to eat lots but didn't feel like it
view 5/16/07 3/1/09 655 Upper Leg Hamstring Pain 1 Tima and continue to do gentle exercise.
view 3/6/07 3/8/07 2 Foot Ankle Sprain 2 Went carefully in terrain, no training and wore ankle bandage for support when I had to compete
view 11/25/06 12/20/06 25 Sick Flu 3 Rest, keeping warm. probably picked up illness due to being low from illness week before and goi...
view 11/12/06 11/14/06 2 Sick Other 3 Take note of how I am feeling and rest when feel a bit off
view 8/27/06 11/21/06 86 R Shoulder Shoulder Pain 1

Training Log: thunderthighs