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Injuries: codymonster

start end days side area type severity resolution/wisdom
view 1/15/19 130+ R Upper Leg Hamstring Pain 3 Just rest it until better. It was recommended to use a hard little ball on the middle of the affe...
view 6/10/18 7/2/18 22 L Knee Other 1 Stop hill running for a couple weeks.
view 7/26/17 7/24/18 363 L Foot Other 2 I have no idea why it got better, but it did.
view 1/23/16 2/17/16 25 R Lower Leg Calf Strain 2 Abstain from running and biking til better.
view 8/23/15 9/10/15 18 R Knee Other 1 Just give it some quality rest, and it goes away...
view 7/5/15 7/5/16 366 L Arm Fracture 1 Next time, get a prompt x-ray even if it doesn't seem bad!
view 6/16/15 8/8/15 53 L Upper Leg Impact wound / trauma 2 When muscle movement causes pain, wear spandex to damp the jiggling!

Training Log: codymonster