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Injuries: BillJarvis

start end days side area type severity resolution/wisdom
view 4/14/09 5/4/09 20 Torso Lower Back Pain 2 Rest and began sitting on ball for core development.
view 9/28/08 2/13/09 138 R Foot Plantar Fasciitis 3 I started using a tape that seemed to prevent re-stretching of the PF when working & exercising. ...
view 9/20/08 12/17/08 88 Knee Other 2 Basically did little exercise and let it go away by itself.
view 5/18/08 6/13/08 26 Foot Ankle Sprain 3 The ankle got progressively better and was manageable with a good tape job. Guess I dodged surge...
view 5/4/08 5/9/08 5 R Shoulder Shoulder Pain 1 Avoided upper body work and RSI situations, plus an IBU drip and a bit of cold pack. It seems to ...
view 3/27/08 3/30/08 3 L Foot Other 1 3 days without running seemed to work ...will find out tomorrow.

Training Log: BillJarvis