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Discussion: Colby College

in: Orienteering; General

Sep 2, 2010 9:35 AM # 
Is there a map available of the campus or any area around Colby College in Waterville, ME? The hurricane, expected this weekend, canceled their kayak trip and they asked if I would do an orienteering activity for the group. It was suggested that Carl Fey may know. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Deb Humiston
Sep 2, 2010 11:42 AM # 
I'm pretty sure there aren't any O maps of Colby, but there should be a trail map of the arboretum trails hiding somewhere. The closest map is probably Pineland Farms? There was also something up north a ways, Craig Brook Fish Hatchery I think?

If you contact the nordic coach, Tracey Cote, she has done some mini adventure race type activities on USGS maps in a nearby park, and she should have copies of the USGS maps somewhere.
Sep 2, 2010 11:57 AM # 
I'm prettty sure I did an A meet at Colby around 1988-1989. Carl Fey was the organizer and I think Mark Domonie did the map. I've never been back to the map and would have no idea where you could get clean copies. I could probably dig up my old one. Not sure where Carl Fey is now but possibly Russia-Finland.
Sep 2, 2010 12:31 PM # 
Try to get in touch with Carl Fey. He should be in Stockholm.
Sep 2, 2010 12:33 PM # 
That wasn't at Colby, it was at Bates, which I guess is an hour away from Colby (slightly closer than Pineland Farms). The map there is called Thorncrag Bird Sanctuary.
Sep 2, 2010 1:40 PM # 
Thorncrag (larger version) --

Sep 2, 2010 5:19 PM # 
You're right, it was Bates
Sep 3, 2010 12:31 AM # 
Sam went to Colby, she would know.
Sep 3, 2010 12:35 AM # 
There is no o map that I know of.
Sep 3, 2010 4:21 AM # 
And the Colby alumna in my house took it as a bit of a slight that Colby was confused for Bates. ;-)
Jun 15, 2020 11:35 PM # 
Resurrecting an old thread.... Anyone know of an orienteering map of the Bates campus? I know Carl Fey was very active there. Thanks!!
Jun 16, 2020 1:01 PM # 
You can reach Carl at: carlffey (at)
Jun 17, 2020 1:06 AM # 
If no one else has offered I think I can make an orienteering map of Colby and the surrounding hills and have it to you by Wednesday night. Is that soon enough? (It won't be field checked)
Jun 17, 2020 1:27 AM # 
It's actually Bates this time but it's really funny that the mixup keeps happening.
Jun 17, 2020 9:30 AM # 
I'm not sure what is more confusing. Is it whether the activity is at Colby or Bates College or the idea of cancelling one activity due to an expected hurricane but saying could you take them out in the woods in the hurricane instead.
Either way the information is there to make quick but usable orienteering maps of either or both colleges.
Jun 17, 2020 12:39 PM # 
You do realize the hurricane was 10 years ago, right? When we didn't have all the cool software tools?
Jun 17, 2020 7:58 PM # 
No, not until this morning when dhumiston wrote to me did it dawn on me that this thread started 10 years ago. My bad but the good news is that I have gained the experience of starting orienteering maps of both Colby and Bates Colleges.
Jun 18, 2020 3:11 PM # 
Gord>>Sorry for the confusion. We are talking about Bates, not Colby. I clearly should have started a new thread. Anyway, a buddy of mine who is an occasional orienteer is at Bates for at least the next year and asked about a campus map. I don't think it's worth the effort to produce something new, but would be cool if there was something existing. I'll reach out to Carl Fey.
Jun 18, 2020 4:01 PM # 
Boris the confusion was mine and not any fault of yours. You made it clear you were resurrecting an old thread. I just let my enthusiasm for mapping take over.
Starting an orienteering map is very easy. Finishing it with the fine details and fieldwork is a bit of a chore. So I've made a start on a Bates College map - just as in the last two months I've made starts on about six maps in Minnesota, four in Alabama, a few in Canada and a few more in Florida, most of which will never be used but I'm enjoying the experience.
I'm e-mailing you a jpeg of where I got on the Bates map. If your friend would like me to continue or better yet would like the OCAD or an OOM file of what I have done I'll be glad to pass it on.

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