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Discussion: How writers map their worlds

in: Orienteering; General

Nov 9, 2018 5:24 PM # 
This popped up on my "Pocket" feed and looks interesting. Thought I'd share.

I look forward to a discussion critiquing Tolkien's blatant lack of adherence to ISOM standards. Mordor would probably fall under the governance of ISSOM.
Nov 9, 2018 5:49 PM # 
What are you saying about sprinting Tom?
Nov 9, 2018 7:25 PM # 
Actually nothing critical or sarcastic really. Only that Mordor would probably have the details and features more similar to a sprint map, orcs and pits of fire notwithstanding. However, if I were to say something sarcastic it would be along the lines of the whole SI sportident system being forged by said orcs in said pits. I won't mention that though to avoid derailing the thread I just started only 2 posts ago.

Back to writers and maps...
Nov 9, 2018 8:23 PM # 
"All maps are products of human imagination"

Yep, experienced a few of those over the years...
Nov 9, 2018 9:21 PM # 
I'm surprised that I haven't seen an ISSOM map of Minas Tirith anywhere. Is there one?
Nov 9, 2018 9:42 PM # 
JJ: the 4th map here:
Nov 10, 2018 2:14 AM # 
Nice. I never got around to it, but about 18 years ago I was threatening to make a map of the Teletubbies' neighborhood.

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