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Discussion: Trimtex Extreme 3/4 Pants - Durability? Burrs?

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Dec 1, 2017 4:18 PM # 
Up until now I've just been using Columbia or North Face "hiking pants" for orienteering and adventure racing events. They're pretty durable, aren't too bad about collecting burrs (I'm in the Midwest), and I find the pockets useful. However...

They're not very comfortable. Specifically, sizes that fit my waist & length are kinda tight in the butt & thighs, which limits mobility. Also, being full length, I have to tuck my right pant leg into my sock when cycling during adventure races.

So... I'm thinking about switching to 3/4 length pants. The Trimtex Extreme "Short" Pants caught me eye because they're readily available and not too expensive (on eBay). I can't find a whole lot in the way of reviews, though. My main concerns are durability (bushwhacking through brambles, sliding over down trees, etc.) and how badly they collect burrs.

I realize I'll be giving up the pockets on my current pants going this route, but will the Extreme Pants offer better freedom of movement, especially in the upper thigh area?

Are there others you'd recommend above the Trimtex that are also readily available (in the US) and sub-$50?
Dec 2, 2017 1:12 AM # 
In my opinion, you can't do better than the Trimtex 3/4 pants. I have 5 pairs that I use for rogaining, trail running, and orienteering. They are not exquisitely durable, especially after Trimtex moved its production to Estonia. Seams start to fall apart after only a few uses, but take a long time, the pants will probably be brought down by something else before an entire seam opens up.

There is a rear pocket. I can carry car keys in it through a 50 km ultra and not feel inconvenienced. Don't ever think about putting empty gel packs in there, unless you're into unorthodox buttcrack waxing methods.

The pants collect burrs and other action items pretty much like any other microfiber article would. Not as bad as lycra but worse than some of the non-breathable tarp-ish stuff. In all, expect one pair of pants to last about 30 to 50 hours of orienteering, 100 to 150 of rogaining, and 200 to 400 of trail running. Your mileage may vary.
Dec 2, 2017 1:28 AM # 
Orienteering is just hard on clothing.
I really like the Noname pants, which are available via the OUSA team affinity program:
None of the brands of pants are really cheap, and none seem to last really long, so it comes down to what is the most comfortable for you.
Dec 3, 2017 2:07 AM # 
Yes, the Noname lyrca pants fit really well--BUT--they collect burrs to an incredible degree, if you are running in that type of terrain. The first time I wore my new BAOC Noname pants was in our typical open grassland terrain in the early fall, and when I finished my course, you could barely see any black fabric at all through all the brown burrs.

So I've been wearing my Noname pants in the winter months when the burrs are not as fierce, and my old Axis Gear pants during burr season. I've been told that New Englanders do not really understand burrs very well, until they move here :-)
Dec 4, 2017 2:47 PM # 
I refer Noname terminator pants to the Trimtex Extreme, as they are a closer fit for me. I suggest to try them on before buying or check that you can return if you don't like them. FWIW my latest Noname Terminator has been through a few hundred kms of O'ing in various terrains so far and it hasn't fallen apart at all. There is a bit of deterioration just above the knee where I am most likely to bash through the undergrowth first (and where I am collecting the tiny tips of thorns within my thighs that make for an enjoyable after-run activity, which are not stopped by any pants anyway), but the material is intact. I generally tend to wear gaiters from the knee down so the pants aren't worn there at all, and the burrs are mostly collected there as well :)

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