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Discussion: anybody bought men's VJ Integrators in past couple of years?

in: Orienteering; Gear & Toys

Nov 8, 2017 6:34 AM # 
especially the VJ Integrator Highs.....

can you report the size and how they fit?
what's your US shoe size?
i see conflicting information on Euro vs UK sizing for the
VJ Integrator Highs on European supplier websites

i wear 10-10.5 US street shoe
Nov 20, 2017 12:14 AM # 
tl;dr version: For my feet, a size 12 US trail shoe seems to be between VJ Integrator High 12 and 12.5, i.e the Integrators run a tad smaller.

verbose version:

For trail running, I wear Saucony Peregrine, listed as size 12 US, 11 UK, 46.5 Euro. They fit perfectly (Peregrine 6 and 7, I've had both and they felt identical). Had issues other than size with the Peregrines, which I seemed to have solved and now I love them, but that is a saga for another post.

For orienteering, after years of continually twisting my ankles, then ankle taping which was time consuming and never that effective (or I was bad at it), then years of struggling with AirCast, ActiveAnkle, and the like (which stopped the twisting but were bulky and chafing); I finally switched to high O-shoes about 15 years ago. There's a modest weight and freedom-of-motion penalty, but for me it's far outweighed by the benefit of going out in the woods without fearing for my ankles with every step (and I've never had any of the chafing and irritation problems that I had with the AirCasts).

I currently have and use two pairs of VJ Integrator Highs, which seem to fall in between the sizing of the Saucony's. (I think my street and other shoes fall in line with the Saucony size, but it's been a while since I bought those). One pair is listed as US 12, UK 11, Euro 46. The other is listed as US 12.5, UK 11.5, Euro 46.5. So note that Saucony maps Euro 46.5 to US 12, VJ maps Euro 46.5 to US 12.5.

As I said, the Saucony 12/46.5 fits perfectly. The VJ 12/46 is a little snug. Works fine with not-too-thick socks and a bit of wiggling to get them on. The VJ 12.5/46.5 works well, maybe just a shade bigger than I'd ideally prefer; I usually wear 2 pairs of socks with them. When I need a new pair, I will probably go with the 12.5.

Personally I would never buy shoes without being able to try them on. Size and fit are so critical. But the Highs are just about impossible to find on the west side of the Atlantic. Luckily, the regular Integrators are not so hard to find and the Highs are built on the same last, so I tried on the regular Integrators before ordering the Highs and that worked pretty well (although that led to the slightly-snug pair).

Another issue that complicates my shoe buying is that my feet seem to be growing over the years. From what I read, that's pretty normal, due to ligament/tendon stretching and general weight gain. I think I wore US 11 (sometimes even 10.5) in my college days, so almost 1.5 US size growth over 45 years.

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